Virtual Office Space Renting | Profitable Business Idea

Virtual office space renting is one of the most trending business in leasing and renting industry. A virtual office is a business location that only exists on the web. With this speciality, any business can be operated from any location by using technology and the internet. A virtual office provides significant financial savings to the entrepreneurs compared to traditional space renting. Generally, virtual office space renting service providers provide other value-added services like receiving couriers, answering phone calls and also profession emails handling.

Virtual office space renting business normally attracts two types of clients. These are startup companies and companies looking for expansion with a shoestring budget. This concept is very effective for those corporates as it allows to operate with low-cost investment. Simply, the virtual office is an affordable and brilliant option for even the smallest organizations to operate a business like a major corporation.

Benefits Of Virtual Office Space

The virtual office space serves numerous solutions to the entrepreneurs. Some of key advantages and benefits are:

  • The company gets a dedicated local telephone number.
  • The company gets a dedicated live receptionist to answering the calls.
  • The company gets a corporate mailing address.
  • Entrepreneurs can save money on technology
  • No wastage of time for travelling to the office.
  • Less overhead cost compared to bricks & mortar location.
  • Meeting room on demand.

Virtual Office Space Renting Business Plan

The business is hugely management intensive. It requires a lot of planning to get success. The major emphasis should be on the right advertising and marketing. Identify your target demographic. Try to identify their specific need. Accordingly scale up your products. Determine the location you will cater. You must have numbers of location to provide your customers a wide choice. Do some market research about the competitors of the same business. Plan according to compete with them. You must come up with upgraded equipment and facility. Calculate your startup budget and an expected ROI.

Virtual Office Space Renting Services & Solutions

In starting this business, you must determine what are the services and solutions you will offer to your clients. Here, I have listed some of basic services and solutions.

  • Prestigious address in prime locations in the city
  • A local business telephone number.
  • Dedicated receptionist to answering the calls of your client.
  • Access of on-demand meeting room and conference room
  • Mail and courier facility
  • Access of some basic facilities on-demand basis. Such as copying, printing, fax, lamination etc.
  • Facility of video conferencing and online meetings
  • On demand sharing office space hourly or daily basis

It is recommended, to design your services according to the market demand. These are the some basic services you need to provide. You can also go for customization. Some of the advanced solutions are making cold calls, social media management, customer feedback, SMS marketing, appointment confirmation etc. Design package tariff carefully.

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Promote Your Virtual Office Space Renting Business

Online promotion and advertising are more effective than offline. You must have your own SEO optimized website. The people search for virtual office space renting service providers  online. Offer online payment system for instant purchase. Social media promotion plays an important role in the promotion of this business. Register with online business directories. Google Adword campaign is very effective as the sales promotion activity. You can also run Facebook ads. Add your business to Google my Business. Attend trade shows. These are the great places to promote your virtual office space renting business.