Vehicle Towing Service | Small business Idea

Initiating a vehicle towing service is perfect for them who have years of experience in the automotive sector and passionate working with automobiles like cars, trucks etc. Vehicle towing service demand is driven by the average age of the motor vehicle fleet, the rate of automobile accidents, and parking enforcement by private landowners and municipalities. The profitability of vehicle towing service companies depends on effective marketing and efficient operations. As automobile industry is growing very fast, the demand for vehicle towing service will increase in future. This business is also considered as a recession-proof business. Small companies can effectively compete with larger ones because there are few economies of scale in operations.

Vehicle towing services primarily consist of consent and non-consent towing. Consent towing usually involves towing a consumer’s inoperable vehicle to a designated location, such as a repair facility. In consent towing situations the consumer orders and pays for the towing. Non-consent towing generally is ordered by law enforcement or private property owners and is paid for by the vehicle’s owner. Vehicles are usually subject to non-consent towing if parked in clearly marked tow-away zones, or after an accident. Prices for non-consent towing are usually higher than for consent towing, as non-consent towing is not subject to consumer choice or price negotiation.

Vehicle towing service business is definitely cost intensive and management intensive business. Creating standing operating procedures and following it to run the business smoothly is an essential factor in this business. Having a detailed plan and marketing strategy, and the individual can initiate vehicle towing service from his/her home location also.

Vehicle Towing Service Business Plan

Crafting a detailed comprehensive business plan is just essential. You will need to determine how much area you will be covering with how much towing vehicles. You will find there are several different types of towing vehicles providing services to the different vehicle like cars, trucks, construction vehicles etc.

Also, there are systems for wheel lift, flatbed etc. Select the right one that will serve your client’s specific purpose.  You also need to fix marketing strategy and how you will compete with other established vehicle towing companies. This will also help you in calculating and understanding the financial budget. Might be it will take time to get payback, You will need to calculate an expected rate of revenue return carefully.

Funding For Vehicle Towing Service Business 

The main investment is purchasing the towing vehicles. Hire purchase leasing is the best way to purchasing the vehicles with 20 to 25% initial down payment. You may ask your bank. Or you can avail this facility from dealer point also. Compare the rate of interest and processing fees with different finance companies carefully. It is advisable to purchase chassis only. You can customize and build a towing vehicle on it according to your requirement.

Legalities For Vehicle Towing Service Business

In starting vehicle towing service you have registered your business first. Some states provide special permission and license for towing vehicles. Check all these compliance with a local attorney. Keep your business safe by having proper insurance.

Pricing For Vehicle Towing Service

It is a most crucial and difficult factor. According to the vehicle and distance, you may fix the pricing. You may Consider calling around to local towing companies and take information to see what the competitors are charging. Then make some estimates on what you think your volume will be across all sources of work (most have unique prices) to get your projected annual revenue. Smooth service with the competitive charges is the most important factor in getting success in this business

Vehicle Towing Service Set Up 

It is advisable to start this business with one or two vehicles. As your business grows, you can go with multiple options. Initially, this business can be operated from home also. If you have a spare room you can set up a home office there to maintain daily activities. But you will need to arrange a safe parking for the towing vehicles. An easy-to-spell name and memorable phone number will definitely help you in your business.

Hire drivers carefully for this business. Check their licenses and past criminal records. For some location, it needs the special driving license for towing vehicles.

Promote Your Vehicle Towing Service Business 

In a vehicle towing service business don’t build only a business, build a brand. The body of the vehicle is the best part to write your company’s name, logo and contact details. Word of mouth campaign is one of the best tools. Now social media is considered as a technically upgraded format of word of mouth campaign. Establishing different business tie-ups with other automobile service providers like the workshop, dealer point etc. will definitely help you in getting clients. You can also contact the local police department and municipal department to get orders from them. Register your service with the local popular directory. These will definitely help you in generating leads online in vehicle towing service business.