Payment Gateway Service Providers In India Compared

Payment gateway service providers in India is increasing fast . The demand  for online transaction is increasing day by day. E-Commerce field is developing as the burning trend among the young entrepreneurs. As a result more and more service providers are coming into play in the ever increasing market in India.

In the E-commerce site one has to consider the following factors for their payment gateway..
1) Easy transaction for your customer.
2) Less commission.
3) Availability of many payment options.
4) Easy integration.
5) Refund and cash back policies.

You will also need to invest on fraud monitoring systems to reduce your liability. Your payment gateway can provide some help here. It will also be useful to explore some third party solutions here. Payment gateway service providers provide a great API for integration, there are plenty of code samples already available and their rates are quite competitive.

We have updated the price comparison of some of the service providers operating now in India. Hope the comparison done here will help in deciding the service provider as per your startup needs.

Cost For Payment Gateway Service Providers:

All payment gateways have an intial setup cost and then charge a small percentage of the transaction. Few have an annual maintainence cost (AMC) as well. The initial setup cost is a one time charge only and is mostly non-refundable. The annual maintainence cost is an annually recurring charge. The transaction cost (TDR) is charge per transaction and is generally anywhere between 4-7% of the transaction amount. The higher the volume, the more you can negotiate the transaction cost.

Payment Gateway Service Providers Compared List:

Fees/provider CC Avenue Citrus EBS Direcpay Payu
Set upfees 0-30000 0 9599-23999 0-30000 6000-30000
Annual Maintenance Charges 1200-3600 4900 2400 2400 2400
Maximum TDR 5.50% 2.75 3.75 5 4.9
Lowest TDR for credit cards 2.5% 2% 2.75 2 2.75
Lowest TDR for Debit cards 1.5% 1% 1.25 1.25 .75
Lowest TDR for Net Banking 2.5% 1.6% 3.25 2 2.75
Lowest TDR for Cash Cards 3.6% 0 3.25 ——— 3%

**The prices of the service providers change from time to time. Please check with the payment gateway service providers before buying.