25 Most Profitable Trending Education Business Ideas

Nowadays education and training are one of the largest industry globally. Many aspiring individuals, having expertise in the different field, are looking for profitable education business ideas. Current education industry employs millions of people in teaching, counseling, administration, and many other roles.  Unlike other industries, in which it’s very difficult to get a foot in the door, all you need to do to set yourself on this promising path with proper infrastructure and certification. The education industry is certainly one of the fastest and steadily growing sectors now worldwide. Here we put 25 most profitable trending education business ideas for your ready reference.

List of 25 Education Business Ideas & Opportunities

1. Acting School

Initiating an acting school is a self-rewarding and profitable business as well. You may consider buying a franchise or you can start your own. You can start this venture as the part-time basis also with moderate startup capital investment. Read More…

2. Arts & Crafts Classes

Many people want to learn about the specific arts and crafts making such as painting, knitting, Plaster of Paris, sculpture, pottery, glass etching etc. If you have expertise in any field of arts and crafts you may consider initiating a business of arts and crafts classes. This business can be operated from a home location with low startup capital investment.

3. Business Startup Instruction

Business startup instruction is one of the most profitable and trending education business ideas. If you have years of experience in entrepreneurship and have idea about the industry you may consider to start this business. This business demands adequate knowledge and expertise in the specific field with a mind to help others.

4. Computer Training Institute

Computer training institute is an ideal business opportunity for the aspiring computer-savvy professionals. Running a computer training institute with some other value addition services can be a profitable and self-rewarding business. The only criteria are you have to be knowledgeable enough about computers and the internet. Read More…

5. Dance Academy

Initiating a dance academy is a self-rewarding wonderful venture to start. Dance Academy has been proven financially feasible for decades. Organization management expertise, business sense, and dance expertise are the keys to initiate this venture. Read More…

6. Driving School

Establishing a driving school can be self-rewarding and profit making the venture. An individual having flair idea about marketing can initiate driving school business with moderate capital investment. Read More…

7. E-commerce Consultant

Nowadays every small and big business are looking to tap the internet audiences to sell their product or services. Individuals having expertise on online marketing, e-commerce, and e-communications may start this business from home location.

8. Employee Training

The demand for specialized employee training is enormous and it is increasing. Mostly required employee training courses are on customer service, money handling, working place safety measures, stress management etc. Normally these training courses conducted on employer’s site. One can operate this business from home location.

9. E-Teaching

E-teaching or online teaching is one of the most popular and trending education business ideas nowadays. The demand is also increasing. Any aspiring individual who loves the teaching profession can initiate this venture by two ways. Either by registering on an online tutoring marketplace or building his/her own online teaching business.

10. Fashion Design Institute

Fashion design institute business opportunity is perfect for the entrepreneurs who have sufficient knowledge in the subject, artistic mind and adequate experience on the courses. As people are becoming increasingly fashion conscious, apparel and accessory companies are hiring people with various fashions designing portfolio. Read More…

11. First-Aid Training

First-aid training business can be started from home and can be operated as part-time. Many industries such as construction, wear house, transport, manufacturing generally conducts first-aid training for their employees. Having expertise any individual can initiate this business with proper networking with the clients.

12. Flower Arranging Courses

Flower arranging or flower decoration with fresh and dried flower both is one of the popular sectors from decades globally. Having expertise in the field you can start this business from home location and a part-time basis.

13. Jewellery Designing Institute

Jewellery designing institute business has enormous market potential because nowadays jewellery designing as a career is flourishing like never before. Earlier a few select families ran the business of jewellery designing and jewellery making. The current boom experienced by this industry has commercialized this art and opened new opportunities in Jewellery designing institute business.  Read More…

14. Martial Arts School

If you have the expertise of giving lessons of martial arts you can consider to start this business of your own. It can be initiated as part or full-time basis. Proper marketing and financial planning are required in initiating Martial Arts School. Read More…

15. Music School

Music school business is perfect for those who are passionate about music and wants to turn their love for music, into the profession. If you are music inclined, has specialization in some specific instrument or vocal performance and want to teach other, then the possibilities of making it successful venture is much higher. Read More…

16. Online Scholarship Directory

Launching an online scholarship directory is one of the most profitable and trending education business ideas globally. Searching for scholarships is very popular among the student. Financial planning and technical knowledge are required in starting this venture.

17. Pre-School

Preschool business in India is now booming trend in education sector because of the increasing demand of quality preschool.Today’s parents are educated enough to understand the importance of education in their child’s life. PreSchool focuses on providing real-life exposure to children for learning various life-skills. Currently preschool business in India is worth more than Rs 4000 crore which shows the potential of pre school business. Read More…

18. Sales Training

The success of every business depends on sales and sales training is an effective tool to have the skilled employee in this field. Many companies hire sales trainer for this purpose. Ninety percent of sales managers suggest that a lack of fresh and relevant training material is what keeps their teams from staying engaged, according to Salesforce. Eighty percent of sales managers claim they do not have the time to train their staffs. Having adequate knowledge and expertise any individual can start this business on a full or part-time basis.

19. Self Defense Training

In today’s world self-defense training courses becoming increasingly popular. With proper knowledge and expertise, you can craft courses specially for children, women or seniors. In this business, you can establish a self-defense training school or you can go for individual training in their places.

20. Sewing Classes

If you have expertise in any of speciality sewing like crochet, woollens etc. you can initiate this business. This business can be operated as part-time also.

21. Sports Coaching

Sports coaching in the field of football cricket, basketball, tennis, is very popular globally. In starting this business you will need to determine whether you will be focusing on indoor or outdoor games.

22. Stress Management Courses

Nowadays, stress management courses are becoming increasingly popular worldwide.  Stress in the workplace reduces productivity, increases management pressures, and makes people ill in many ways, evidence of which is still increasing. Having knowledge and expertise this is one of the trending education business ideas globally.

23. Stunt School

With the increasing quality of entertainment products, the demand for stunt performer has become increased. With adequate knowledge about the subject and industry any individual can initiate this business as part time also.

24. Tutoring

With specialization on a particular subject, one may start tutoring. This is one of the most popular education business ideas any individual can start with less capital or no capital investment.

25. Woodworking Courses

Woodworking to produce speciality product has proven popular globally. Having expertise and adequate knowledge about the subject you can initiate woodworking courses to train the aspiring individuals who want to start a career in woodworking.