Tour Guide | Profitable Small Business Idea

Tour guide business opportunity demands adequate knowledge of historical information and local culture about the location where you are starting the business. This business is all about sharing the information about the places to a group of the people in an entertaining way. An aspiring start, living in a tourist place, having good communication skill can initiate this self-rewarding venture.

You can start this business from home location with low capital investment. Find here step by step guide to starting tour guide business.

Step by Step Guide to Starting Tour Guide Business

1. Study to Start Tour & Travel Guide Business

Study and intensive research about the location is most important factor in starting tour guide business. Learn everything you can about the location and gather sufficient knowledge. You need to know every interesting landmark of the location where you are starting the business. Study of local culture, foods etc.

2. License for Tour & Travel Guide Business

To initiate tour guide business you need to obtain the necessary licenses from the local authority. To be an enlisted tour guide you can apply for a license to Regional Level Tourists Guides authorities.

3. Personality Required in Tour & Travel Guide Business

As it is a personalized business your communication skills and behaviors matters. The success is all about providing clients the best time of their vacation and makes them happy with smiling. Present yourself in a sensitive and friendly manner. When you are with a group meet every individual and introduce yourself.

4. Operations in Tour& Travel Guide Business

Keep yourself organized with appointment schedules. Never be late. Remember your client’s have their own tight schedule. You can also design unique trips to attract tourists. Take advice and suggestion from every individual and consider being flexible. Make every trip fun and exciting for your clients.

5. Promote Your Tour & Travel Guide Business

You need to promote your business aggressively online and offline both to get success. Create your business card and brochures with detail information. Contact your local hotels, resorts and travel houses to have a business tie up with them. In today’s world every prospective tourists research online.

It is recommended to have a business website of your tour guide business. Reference is most important to get clients in this business. Ask your satisfied clients to share their experience in your site. Promote your services in social media like Facebook, twitter. Offer special discounts to the online clients.