Tomato Processing | Small Business Project

Tomato processing plant manufactures tomato paste, puree, ketchup, juice and sauce. Packing lines for tomato processing can be offered depending upon the requirement like Product in glass bottles, Cans, Drums, etc. Manufacturing process involves most modern technology of vacuum evaporation using forced circulation evaporators/scrapped surface evaporators. Evaporation plants are versatile in nature and can concentrate other juices also.

Tomatoes are used in enormous quantities in the fresh state, as canned tomatoes, and in the form of canned juice, puree, paste, ketchup and sauce. Tomato ketchup and sauce have got a mixed taste of sweet and sour. They have got a very good flavour and delicious taste.

Tomatoes are very refreshing. They are very good for increasing the appetite. They are very good source of vitamin C required by human body. The demand for tomato products is increasing day by day. There is bright future for new entrepreneurs and as well as existing manufacturers. Any entrepreneur can venture in this field.

Tomato Processing Market Potential:

Due to increasing standards of living in the cities and the rapid urbanization taking place in the rural areas, consumption of tomato based products is expected to go up steadily. At present, the market of ketchup/puree, specially in the urban areas, is dominated by brands likes MAGGI and KISSAN. Some
Medium and Small Companies are also engaged in its production.

There is ample scope for a unit to come up in this product sector to cater especially to the semi urban and rural sectors of north India. Tomato processing in India is still not very significant. Recently, there
was a steady rise in production due to the entry of multinationals with better market infrastructure and sales promotion activity.

Tomato Processing Project Synopsis: 

Plant capacity: 3300 Units / Day Plant & machinery: Rupees 13 Lakhs
Working capital: Rupees 28.0 Lakhs Total Capital Investment: Rs. 56 Lakhs
Return: 73.89% Break even: 44.50%
  • The actual cost of project may deviate on change of any of the assumptions.
  • We can modify the project capacity and project cost as per your requirement.