Tattoo Parlor | Lucrative Retail Business Idea

Tattoo parlor business opportunity is perfect for those who are aspiring tattoo artist and passionate about tattoo. Tattoo parlor business demands a certain level of professionalism and to make tattoo parlor business a successful venture tattoo artists of your shop are the key factor.

Skill For Tattoo Parlor

While you are not a tattoo artist and you want to open a store, it is advisable first gain the expertise. It is not that you have to be a tattoo specialist, but it is important to have adequate knowledge about the subject. You can also go for some apprenticeship programme to have knowledge about tattoo and upgraded technology.

Tattoo Parlor Business Plan  

Create a detail business plan of your tattoo parlor business. Determine the store size, how many stuff you will be having, who will be your niche and what kind of tattoo designs you will be offering and what will be your promotional strategy. Also calculate the startup budget of your shop and expected revenue earnings. You will need to have POS software, from where you can also analysis traffic details, profit and loss, inventory etc.

Compliance For Tattoo Parlor 

In India, you will need to have trade license from local authority to start tattoo parlor business. Contact your local health department to have necessary permit for a tattoo store establishment. Always ask for written permission of the parents from below 18 who are looking for tattoo.

Tattoo Parlor Setup

As any retail business location is one of the important factors for tattoo parlor business. Select a store location with high traffic density of teenage, young and college goers. Also it is great idea to have a location within a mall or shopping center.

First you need to have a detail inside floor plan of your tattoo parlor business. Get equipped according to the plan. Give a professional, cool and comfortable ambiance inside the store. Use some display flash with popular tattoo designs. Apart from the furniture you will need to have needle, ink, tapers, tools, oils, tattoo guns etc. keep your store always clean and your sterilize you’re the equipment after every use. This will generate client’s confidence. Choose a soft, memorable, easy-to-spell name for your tattoo parlor business.

Choose employee who are expert and professionally trained in tattoo doing. It is important to have soft, friendlier employee who can make good impression in time of interacting with your esteemed customers.

Promote Your Tattoo Parlor

You can promote your shop by local TV channels and FM radio advertisement. Also establish an online presence of your tattoo parlor business. With your website you can educate your customer about cleaning or caring options for tattoo. Also you can go for online appointment system.