Surgical Bandage Making | Small Business Project

Surgical bandage making project can be initiated as small scale with moderate capital investment. The demand of Surgical Bandage is found all throughout the year. Surgical bandage are the products manufactured from white bleached cotton gauge cloth of suitable quality. Surgical bandage come in roll form in length of 3 to 4 meterWith the Surgical Bandage Making Machine you can make Surgical Bandage and can supply orders in hospitals, nursing homes, medicine stores, health centers, clinics. Remember, before starting this business you need Business License.
In view of the growth in the health care facilities network, increase in the demand for various medicines and non-medicine items. It has been realized that surgical bandage making project is feasible to start. A wide range of products both medicines and non drug items such as surgical bandage are required as
consumables in hospitals and basic health units. At present the industry consist of around 136 units in the organized sector hence there is a good scope for new investment.

Surgical Bandage Making Process:

The main raw material for surgical bandage making is bleached cotton gauge cloth of suitable quality, conforming to IS-758/1925. The width of cloth ranges from 2.5 to 15 cm and length from 3 to 4 metre.

The cloth which is used to make Surgical Bandage is to be sourced from local market.
At first you have to make the cloth germ-free with some process. Now roll up the cloth. in the indicated place of the machine. You have to cut the cloth in indicated size you want with Cutting Machine. Now start the machine.
It needs ½ hp motor to operate the Cutting Machine. It needs 1 hp motor and 220 volt to operate the Surgical Bandage Making Machine.

Surgical Bandage Making Machine Price:

The price of the Surgical Bandage Making Machine including motor is approximately Rs.80, 000 and the price of the Cutting Machine including motor is approximately Rs. 30, 000.