Travel Agency | Profitable Business Opportunity

Travel agency business is actually providing services, in making travel arrangements on the behalf of your clients. Breaking into this business is a great way to start a service based business from an office location, and you are having the opportunity to make money while helping others to visiting new places on their holidays or business trip.

The average people want to see the other parts of the world and they need the help of travel agents to book their hotels and travel packages. The need of travel is not only comes to have pleasure holidays but also for business reasons. Whichever it is, the travel industry remains as a multi-billion dollar industry that continues to boom and double in size on yearly basis. Of all the uncertainty surrounding the industry, one fact is certain: tourism is here to stay.

Responsibilities In Travel Agency

To start a travel agency business you will need to determine the specific services which you are going to offer your clients.

  • Making travel arrangements.
  • Creating itineraries as per client’s preference.
  • Making hotel accommodation, travel tickets, event tickets with the best price.
  • Transportation
  • Making tour package.
  • Arranging travel insurance.
  • Providing visa services and advisory service.

Overall you need to provide any form of service or assistance that would improve the travel experience of your esteemed clients.

It is always advisable, to have experience in this industry. You can start with a franchise opportunity to get immediate operational help or you can search for some training classes. Franchise experience can help you to learn the business, while still making money.

Travel Agency Business Plan

You will need to have a detail plan that includes the start up budgets with expected revenue calculation. Need to determine the specific services you are offering, location of your business and the target audience whom you are going to offer the services.

Evaluate whether you want to give all the services related to industry or start a niche travel agency business. You can focus on specific are of travel like adventure travel, honeymoon package or business trip. Its make easier to target a specific type of clients and also lean the competition.

There are two types of opportunity to start a travel agency business. You can start the business as referral agent, signing MOU with a host agency or you can start of your own. As referral agent you will get only commission while you will enjoy the brand value of an established travel company. If you start your own travel agency business you can fix the pricing and can negotiate with the customer directly.

Get Equipped For Travel Agency Business

Find a well accessible office location for your travel agency business. You will need to have trendy interior for a professional look and will need to be stuffed with computers, internet connections, phones, printers etc.

You will need to have your resources like airlines, accommodations, cruise ready. As an example for a specific destination on a specific day you need to have the perfect deal with the airlines companies for booking the tickets.

You need to differentiate the category of the customers you are having and plan accordingly the packages for them. Most of the people who are looking for services from the travel agency are:

  • Persons making travel for business reason.
  • Newly wed honey moon couples.
  • People travelling on holidays.
  • Students who are going for an excursion trip.

In travel agency business, you are actually handling the job that is purely based on performances. The more you will make satisfied potential client base you will be generating more money.

Concentrate into online business as well as offline too. You need to have your own travel agency business website with having detail information about the packages with pricing. You can go for an online booking system also. Give some testimonials there of some satisfied customers.

You can go for advertisement in local newspaper and travel magazines for your travel agency business. List you business on business directories online and offline both. You can also send email proposals to the corporate clients. Get connected with business association like Indian Association of Tour Operators.

By choosing a competitive industry you are inevitably involving yourself to a high degree of hard graft. Your day will begin with a check of your business emails and will be actively dealing with the people all the day either on the phone or in person. To be successful in travel agency business you will need to have stamina and dedication towards the work.

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