Start a Profitable Mobile Oil Change Service Business


A person having a passion in automobile industry and years of experience can start a profitable mobile oil change service business to make money out of it with a low startup capital investment. It is usually recommended that the vehicle oil should be changed at least after 5000 km or 60 days, whichever is earlier. Now the market of this business is growing rapidly because of the sales growth of the vehicles.


To get enter into the business, it is important that you learn all the mechanism like how to change oil, which grade of oil is best to used for the specific vehicle and which are not, how much quantity of oil is needed for specific vehicle etc.


In India you can start the mobile oil change service business with simple Trade License and also it is a better option to consult with business consultant for state specific license is required if any. You will need to obtain Service Tax registration when only your revenue will cross 10 lacs. Create a smart business name and you can register this with Trade Mark Registration.

Supplies & Equipment

You need to find out the right equipment and supplies for your business. Also you need to have a vehicle for the mobility. Normally required equipment are oil filters, lubricants and motor oil of different grade, storage vessel and a pot to collect used oils.


It is important to obtain insurance for your mobile oil change service business and your car also. At any moment if your client car gets damage you will ask for the compensation and then insurance company can cover all the expenses on behalf of you


You will likely to have a storage space to keep all the equipment and the oils. Try to make it damp proof.


Decide the pricing of the specific service you are offering. To start with and break into the market it is advisable your price should be competitive and comparatively cheap.

Build client base

Contact the potential clients and let them know how you will give them better services with a better price. Present your mobile oil change service business company with a professional manners like with a business card and with uniform. You can contact with the car rental companies for bulk orders. You can offer discount to the customers who booked appointment for repeated oil change services.  Join a business association like and develop client network.

Online presence

Create a descent and informative website for your business and go for some social media advertisement. Make online booking system through your site and make your site enough informative about oil change.