Small Plastic Products Making | Small Business Idea

Small Plastic Products Making is a profitable idea for the home-based small business.


Plastic has taken very important place in our life. We can not imagine the world without an use of plastic. The requirement of plastic product is growing very fast in all over the world.

Demand and Market of Small Plastic Products:-

You can make plastic cup, plastic mug, buckets, chair, table, plastic bag, all type of plastic kitchen product, plastic stationary product as pen, pencil box, launch box, water bottles, plastic toys, plastic cover, soap cases, PVC pipe, plastic door, plastic sheet and many other lots of products of plastic by this small business product machines.

Small Plastic Products Making Business Plan

Crafting a detail business plan is important in starting small plastic products making business. Selecting the right product is important. According to the demand of your local area select the right product. After that only you can calculate startup budget including machinery, raw materials and other expenses. This will help you in understanding the business feasibility also.

In arranging finance you can avail term loan for purchasing machinery and apply for a cash credit for working capital cost.

Small Plastic Products Making Machine:-

At first you have to buy plastic beads from the market.  Put these plastic beads on the hopper of the machine. The plastic beads will melt. Now set the dies you want and press the handle. Your desired product will be made automatically.

There are two types of machines for this business. One is Manual and the other is Automatic.


Manual machine price starts from Rs 10000 onwards and automatic starts from Rs 2,70,000 onwards.

The business of plastic making is very profitable because the demand of plastic is growing daily and the number of suppliers are not sufficient for fulfill the total demand.