Top 10 Trending Small Business Ideas in Kolkata

Are you looking to set a small business in Kolkata?  Are you looking for top trending small business ideas in Kolkata? Get complete details of best small business ideas and business opportunities in Kolkata here in this article.

Kolkata, formerly known as Calcutta is the gateway to the most businesses in eastern India and considered as the commercial & financial capital of the eastern part of India. Kolkata is home to a major port, an international airport and many nationally and internationally reputed colleges and institutions providing highly skilled manpower.

Apart from the conventional industry like leather, garment, tea, small-scale manufacturing, Kolkata has also witnessed the boom of information technology sector which has been promoted by foreign direct investment.

These have created big opportunities for co-existence of several small and medium-sized businesses. Here we have compiled some of most profitable and trending small business opportunities in Kolkata.

List Of Top Trending Small Business Ideas in Kolkata

1#. Broom Production

Broom locally called “jharu” is a household item in Kolkata. Broom production technical process is simple and the project can be initiated with proper planning and moderate capital investment. Broom has been used from centuries to sweep up dirt and dust, in and around homes and workplaces. Brooms is a common household item. Broom production is a wide and vast industry as per the types of the products. Read More Here.

#2. Car Rental business
Kolkata being a commercial hub and strategic place with a high density of population with business centers and entertainment outfits provide just the right platform for the car rental business venture. The primary operation would involve scheduling customer reservations and supply rental car. This business is worth giving a try for beginners. Read More Here

#3.  Real Estate 

Many Kolkatans have become millionaires from real estate business activities. Start as a broker in buying and selling of land plots or help people in searching proper accommodations in exchange for service fees.

#4. Mobile Facial Spa

Mobile facial and spa business provide service to the people who just can not make time in their busy schedule to allow themselves the luxury of a facial and spa, especially when they work full time. This is one of the profitable business ideas for women entrepreneurs in Kolkata. Read More…

#5. Web Designing

Web designing business opportunity is perfect for those who are professionally expert in website designing and has basic knowledge of HTML coding, graphics designing and copywriting. The different areas of web designing business include web graphic design, interface design, user experience design, web development and search engine optimization. Read More…

#6. Security Services

Security is a big potential business in Kolkata. You can set up a security company, employ and train young individuals and provide security services to institutions and individuals.

#7. Sports Coaching

Sports coaching in the field of football cricket, basketball, tennis, is very popular in Kolkata. In starting this business you will need to determine whether you will be focusing on indoor or outdoor games.

#8. Wedding Planning 

People in Kolkata spends a lot in wedding ceremonies. Wedding consulting business may come naturally to someone who is organized and focuses on details. In the last decade, the need for professional wedding consultants has grown exponentially.

Today, people are often too busy juggling the demands of their professional and personal lives to oversee the details necessary to create the wedding of their dreams. That has actually created enormous opportunity for a start-up entrepreneur considering going into the wedding consulting business. Read More…

#9. Social Media Consulting

Almost every people use Facebook, tweeter, LinkedIn, Pinterest these days and many companies are ready to pay people to get the service of their social media accounts management. Social Media Consulting is one of the highly promising internet-based small business opportunities in Kolkata for internet savvy individuals.

#10. Travel Agency

Kolkatans are known worldwide for travelling aspirations. Visitors from around the world come to Kolkata to explore its rich heritage. Kolkata was the one time the capital of British India. Travel agency business is actually providing services, in making travel arrangements on the behalf of your clients.

Breaking into this business is a great way to start a service based business from an office location, and you are having the opportunity to make money while helping others in visiting new places on their holidays or business trip. Read More Here

These are the top trending Small Business ideas in Kolkata to start with a low budget. Got any other great small business ideas? Do post your ideas on our social platforms.