Salted Snacks-Namkeen Manufacturing Project

The salted snacks-namkeen manufacturing project has lot of scopes and huge market demand as it is a product of FMCG industry. Products are quite famous in India and are consumed in good quantity.  Dalmoth, Chanachur & Bhujia are the important names of salted snacks.  These are very tasty and flavouring.  These are used during tea and drink hours.  They are also used in medicinal way, however little it may be, according to ayurveda because of their carminative stimulative digestive properties.

The main raw materials for these products are Gram pulses & spices.  The various food additives & colours may be used to provide sophistications in the products. the raw  material  are frequency available in India. These salty food products get a broad market in foreign countries. These products are very much popular not only in India but also overseas countries. Hence, there are a lot of scope and market of these products & there fore, it will provide a very much profitable business.

Salted Snacks-Namkeen Market Potential:

There is good scope of manufacturing of salted snacks-namkeen as there is good demand of these items. The salted snacks are used during tea and breakfast times or throughout the day and even while serving drinks during social occasions. The salted snacks viz. dal moth, chana-chur or Bhujia like products are well known not only in India but world wide also. Increasing disposable incomes, a need for convenience from fast-paced lifestyles and a cultural tradition of snacking between meals have fuelled explosive growth in this sector. From a modest 8,000 crores in 2004, the market today stands at 47,000 crores—more than six times the amount a decade ago. Salted snacks-namkeen manufacturing project can be initiated small scale basis with moderate capital investment.

Salted Snacks-Namkeen Project Synopsis:

Plant capacity: 1000 packs/dayT.CI: Rupees 80 Lakhs
Plant & Machinery: Rupees 22 LakhsWorking Capital: Rupees 28 Lakhs
Rate of Return: 77%Break Even: 36%