Public Relation Agency | Small Business Idea

Public relation agency is considered as one of the most profitable B2B (business to business) opportunity. You can initiate this business as home based and as your business grow, you can go with full scale organization setup. Public relation professionals work with print media, electronic media and also with digital media.

The main focus area of a public relation agency is to communicate with the target audience directly and indirectly through media. The objective of a public relation agency is to create and maintain a positive image of their clients to their target audience and establishing a long sustainable relationship.

Skill For Public Relation Agency Business

In starting a public relation agency business, you must articulate excellent writing and verbal communication skills. You also need to know to work under pressure and be able to answer a variety of questions including unpleasant ones. Having creative, imaginative and persuasive mind and familiar with publishing tools any individual can start this business with low or zero startup capital investment. You must have organizing and management skills, possess leadership qualities and ability to deal with different people. A degree or certificate in public relations is a plus but not an absolute necessity in this business.

Who Are The Clients For Public Relation Agency

Any small and big businesses, professional individual, celebrity, non-profit organizations and even Government agencies can be your client. Company or businesses recruit public relation agency to promote their products or services, to create a long sustainable relationship with their client and to reach more potential customers. Charity organizations, schools, hospitals recruit public relation agency to promote fund raising events. Professional individuals and celebrities utilize public relation agency to communicate on their behalf with media and their fans. Government entities often use public relation agency to communicate with media about their plan of action and newly launched schemes for the public.

What Does Public Relation Agency Do?

Public relation agency utilizes different forms of communication to establish efficient interaction between the company and the target audience. The public relation agency helps people and organizations to gain public acceptance by explaining the aims, objectives and methods of their organization, and by building and maintaining a favourable image.

This is all about giving information for newspaper items, magazine articles and news spots so that the public are made aware of that employer’s projects and accomplishments. The public relation agency also works in arranging and conducting public contact campaigns which may include setting up speaking engagements, writing speeches, speaking for employers at community functions, planning company conferences and managing fundraising drives.

Writing and distributing press releases, preparing media kit, crafting speeches, conducting market research, copy writing, creating crisis public relation strategy are the major field of activity of public relation agency.

Sales and other marketing oriented programs and metrics such as lead generation is also a objective of public relation agency. The vast majority of PR measurement efforts today fall within the Marketing category.

Public relation agency also contributes in building brands. Value contribution in this area is usually more anecdotal than measured.

Pricing For Public Relation Agency

As the PR activity is a customized service, fix pricing carefully. You can quote the service charge according to the assignment. You can fix price by the individual project or go on a retainer rate.

Tools & Techniques For Public Relation Agency

  • Attendance at public events: To attract public attention and keep it engaged with a particular organization or an individual, public relation agency takes an advantage of every public event and the opportunity to speak publicly.
  • Press releases: Information that is communicated as a part of the regular TV or/and radio program, newspapers, magazines and other types of online mainstream media achieves a much bigger impact than advertisements. Press release is considered as one of the most effective public relation tools.
  • Newsletters: Sending relevant information about the organization or/and its products/services – directly to the target audience is also a common method to create and maintain a strong relationship with the public.
  • Blogging: Blogging is considered as most powerful PR tool for digital media. In order to reach the online audience, using the digital forms of press releases and newsletters is most effective tool and recently it evolves as micro-blogging.
  • Social media marketing: Social media networks are also utilized heavily by a public relation agency to establish a direct communication with the public, consumers, investors and other target groups.

Public Relation Agency Promotion Strategy

Identify your target audience first and communicate with a right message. Research and study about the motivations, concerns, likes and dislikes of your prospect client. You must need to give customized solution to every clients. In todays world online presence is the must. Give testimonials there.

Only a laptop with internet connection and a smartphone is suffice to start this business just from tomorrow.