Promotional Product Selling | Small Business Idea

Promotional product selling business includes the activity of speciality advertising, merchandise demonstration service, display lettering services and printing services. Every small and big businesses buy promotional gift item for their employees, existing and potential clients. Sometimes for their suppliers and vendors also. Promotional gift item is million dollar industry globally. This business is not to manufacture or print the product. Simply market these items and advice your clients to select the right product within their budget.

Any individual with an attitude of helping others by their potential creative mind can initiate this business as part time and home based also. Promotional product selling is also considered as a very lucrative and profitable business, considering the capital investment involved.

Skills For Promotional Product Selling

It requires excellent sales and marketing abilities. Listening your client with a caring attitude and responding with a successful action is the key to achieving long-term success in this business. As you will be working with numerous clients, organization skill is also required to be a successful one. Becoming a trusted advisor of your clients to build a consistent client base is most important in this business. Flair idea about branding and promotion is must in this type of business.

Funding For Promotional Product Selling Business

As any business finance is an important factor in starting this business. Promotional product selling business does not require any fixed capital investment. It only requires working capital. For this you can apply for a cash credit or over draft facility to a bank. You can also use your credit card to arrange short time finance.

Resources For Promotional Product Selling

Resources plays an important role in this business. Resources means manufacturer and produces of the products that you are selling to the corporate. Establishing business relationship with reliable vendors is important. Manufacturer with huge trendy and quality product variety is preferred. General product segments are wearable like T shirts, caps etc; writing instruments like diary, notepad, organizeretc;  bags like office bag, file folder, wallet etc; drink wear or house wear like key chains, coffee mug, beer glass, flask, hot pot etc desk or office accessories like desktop calendar, clock, pen stand, paper weight, mouse pad etc. and others. You can also tie up with the speciality product manufacturers.

Get Client In Promotional Product Selling Business

Initially a product catalog is important. You can send mails to the business houses with some detail and asking for an appointment or you can make phone calls also. Having a website in todays world is must. Reference always plays a major role in this business. In communicating with clients avoid ‘one and done’ approach.  Remember, a campaign must hit the recipient at the right time with the right message. Sometimes the message can be right, but the timing can be wrong. If you give the recipient another chance when the timing is right, you may be able to increase your overall response rate in promotional product selling. Don’t try to be overly creative. Keep promotional products simply enough for the end-user to want to make it part of their everyday activities. You may not will be receiving the feedback from end users, but your client will definitely receive some feedback from his or her client base. Take full advantages of social media advertisement to promote your promotional product selling business.