Papad Making Business | Profitable Small Business Idea

Papad making business is very profitable in food industry considering the investment of low start-up capital. Papad is often served as an appetizer; it is consumed in all parts of India. It’s a thin wafer-like product. Variety and proportion of pulses and spices vary from region to region depending upon preferences of local people whereas certain varieties are popular on a larger scale.

Papad making business is often associated with the empowerment of women in India but in view of increasing demand and availability of machinery, it has now been developed in small-scale industry. An entrepreneur having knowledge about FMCG marketing can start this business with moderate capital investment. It can be initiated in small scale from home location also.

Legal And Technology For Papad Making Business

CFTRI, Mysore, has successfully developed papad press. To start a papad making business compliance with PFA Act is mandatory. In starting papad making business you will need to obtain Trade License from local Authority. You can register your business as SSI unit. As this is a food product item you should go for quality standard as specified by BIS are available to vide IS 2639:1984. You can also get guidelines from Food Safety and Standards Authority of India

Plan For Papad Making Business

Before initiating a papad making business, go for some research about area demographics, other products available in the market and the marketing strategy of other papad making company. Craft a proper business plan. It is advisable to have a customized project report in hand before initiating the business.

Calculate your fixed capital investment with machinery and building cost. Working capital includes raw material, manpower, electricity, transport, marketing expenses, and other miscellaneous expenses. A detail business plan will not only help you in arranging startup capital but also check whether the project is feasible or not

Market Opportunity For Papad Making Business

There is a good demand of papads because it is a food product and commonly consumed commodity in all households and hotels throughout the year and especially during festive seasons. There are a couple of national brands and the market is predominantly controlled by the local brands.

Papads are exported to more than 40 countries from India. The major importing countries are UK, USA, UAE, Singapore, Nigeria, Oman, Malaysia, Kuwait, Canada, Bahrain, and Australia.It is important to concentrate on brand development. Establishing a strong a dealer network will definitely help you in getting success.

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Manufacturing Process For Papad Making Business

Papad can be manufactured from different varieties of pulses with a hand press machine developed by CFTRI. With the aAutomaticPapad Making Machine, you can make up to 40 kg papad per hour. You need a dryer machine also. You will need to have a weighing machine. To make papads of various tastes you need flour, powdered pulse, beuli dal, pea, oil, salt, various spices etc. as ingredients.
In papad making business you will need to have a specific recipe to get varieties papad with different taste.Packaging is important in papad making business. Moisture proof good looking attractive packaging not only give a marketing impact but also keep the food item safe.

Investment Required For Papad Making Business

The price of the hand operated papad making machine is approximately Rs.10000. in that case, the overall project cost will be 150000. An automated papad making unit project will cost around Rupees 500000. The minimum period needed to achieve break even in this business is six months and expected gross profit is 25 to 30 percent.