Prepare A Project Feasibility Report For Your Upcoming Venture

After you finish the project identification process and take an informed decision of starting the venture, you  need to prepare a project feasibility report about your venture.

A project feasibility report will broadly contain:
  • Background of the entrepreneur and constitution of the business
  •  Market potential and marketing strategy
  •  Selection of location
  •  Requirements of land and building
  •  Manufacturing process
  •  Requirements of plant and machinery
  •  Requirement of utilities
  •  Requirement of raw material
  •  Estimated cost of the project
  •  Proposed means of finance
  •  Cost of production and profitability
  •  Break-even point
  •  Cash flow statement
  •  Internal rate of return.

It is advised you should take the help of experts in preparing these report as it is highly critical  in implementing your business