Packaging Box Manufacturing | Profitable Business Idea

Small scale packaging box manufacturing business opportunity is perfect for those aspiring entrepreneurs who have knowledge and experience in commercial packaging system and paper industry.  One can start this venture whether he is living in a metro city or suburban city area. Every small and big goods after manufacturing it need a box for packaging. An attractive and durable packaging box is a must needed product when it comes to send the product to the end users.

Corrugated boxes are versatile industrial raw material with a wide variety of application and an always-in-demand product. More than 80% of industrial packaging is done by corrugated carton boxes due to effective cushioning, light weight, easy to fabricate, easy for storing, easy for disposal, no strapping necessary, printing and advertising advantages, must in export market, recyclable etc.

Packaging boxes come in different customized size and shapes and are usually square and rectangular. Boxes are made of corrugated paper board with variety of 3-ply, 5-ply, 7-ply etc. The business involves purchasing corrugated sheet from the manufacturers or market and turning them into customized boxes as per customer specific requirement.

Corrugated packaging boxes are used in different area of packing in goods such as: Breweries, Glass wares, Cigarettes, Pharmaceuticals, Biscuits, Milk & Milk products, Soaps, Cosmetics, Tea & Coffee, food items, clothing industry, chemical, agro-chemical, leather etc.

Skill For Packaging Box Manufacturing

Before get into the business it is important to have skill about the product and manufacturing process. You should know the detail about the industry also. If you already have educational background in packaging is better. Else you can go for some specific work shop about industrial packaging. After all you will need to understand what specific boxes is the best for the specific products. Accordingly you will also need to guide your customers.

Packaging Box Manufacturing Business Plan

It is important to have a detail business plan. Packaging box manufacturing business required moderate capital to start. It is better to have customized project report including cost of machinery, cost of raw material, working capital requirement, total capital investment and financial analysis. Also determine mission statement and promotional or marketing strategy of you packaging box manufacturing business.

License for Packaging Box Manufacturing Business 

In India to start packaging box manufacturing business you will need to have trade license from local authority. Also you need to obtain factory license. Apply for consent for establishment and consent for operation both from Pollution Control Board. You will need to have sales tax registration.

Packaging Box Manufacturing Machinery

To start packaging box manufacturing business you will need to install the machinery like corrugators, printing machine, cutting and gluing machine. Contact with the several suppliers. Check their customer’s reviews about the machine company before purchasing. Ensure the warranty period of the machines.

Packaging Box Raw Material

The main raw material of packaging box manufacturing business is craft paper. You will need to gather good quality craft paper from the suppliers. The qualities of craft papers actually determine the quality of your packaging boxes.  Other raw materials that are required glue and stitching wire.

There is several varieties of packaging boxes you can customize as per your customer’s requirement. These are normal corrugated box, export quality corrugated box, carton box, cardboard box, printed box, silver coated corrugated box etc.

Promote Your Packaging Box Manufacturing Business

First you will need to identify the potential buyer of the corrugated box in the industry. Contact them with your product catalogue. Try to give better business deal with better appearance of their boxes they are already using. Get online registration with popular B2B portal. Make an online presence of your paper packaging business. Concentrate on designing part of the boxes to create attractive image. Attend trade fairs and business expo and get registered with local trade associations.