How To Start A Food Delivery Business From Home

Do you want to open an office food delivery business from home? Find here a detailed home-based food delivery business plan sample checklist.

The food industry is a multi-million dollar industry worldwide. And the demand for healthy food in the offices is ever increasing. Any individual can start this business from home. Additionally, you can start and operate the business with small capital investment.

Even this business is a lucrative opportunity for women entrepreneurs. Also, you can start the business both as the part-time and full-time income opportunity.

Stepwise Guide on Starting Food Delivery Business

Where You Can Start Food Delivery Business

Definitely, the business is perfect for city and urban areas. The business is not financially feasible to start in the rural areas. Basically, the business is perfect for set up in metropolitan cities. Moreover, the location must consist of a large density of commercial offices. Because your overall transportations cost will affect your profit revenue. In starting, you can consider providing the service within 20 Kilometer radius.

Skill For Food Delivery Business

This business demands adequate networking skill. You must do well in social networking. Additionally, the business demands an attitude of getting satisfaction through serving others. Apart from this, you must have sales and management skills. Managing the business is the main part of this type of home based ventures. Efficiently managing your time and resources ensures more productivity at work.

Challenges & Advantages of  Food Delivery Business

The biggest advantage of this business is the low investment. When you are starting and operating the business from home, it eliminates the need of having a retail location. Additionally, the part-time nature of this business allows you to move for other potential opportunities.

The downside to it is that you can’t cater those people who prefer to have their lunch in the different premises. Definitely, they will avail a restaurant or coffee shop for having their meals.

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Do Market Study

Do some market research. This is a must. Basically, you have to identify the specific food habits of the location. What type of food the people are looking for. Additionally, you must understand the potential competition you may face in the location. Therefore, identify the competitors and their sales strategy. You must find out a specific demand that is not addressing by the current food providers.

Licensing & Permission

Even if you operate the business from home, it demands specific licensing. First of all, you will need to register the business. If you are starting with your own capital, then you can start as the proprietorship. In addition, check the permissions and licensing issue. Basically, it depends on the location where you are opening the business. Additionally, check the upcoming tax liabilities and yearly compliances.

Prepare The Space For Operation

As you are starting the business from home, you must have a specific space for the entire operation. Broadly, you need space for inventory storage, cooking, packaging, and office space. Apart from the necessary equipment and ingredients, you must have a computer, printer and phone connection.

Arrange Transport For Delivery

The delivery arrangement is one of the most crucial aspects of this business. The success mantra of the business is a timely delivered good food in reasonable price. Additionally, maximum workplaces maintain the specific lunch times. And definitely, people will expect the food in the specific time without any late. Therefore, you must handle the delivery issues carefully.


You must have experienced and skilled employees for a smooth running operation. Broadly, you have to hire employees for preparing food and for delivery. Additionally, you may require employees for business operations such as taking calls, preparing bills etc. However, the every position plays the crucial role in managing the business.

Business Operation

There are important questions to ask yourself to understand and plan your operational needs. Do you intend to deliver only one meal a day, say dinner, or are you equipped to handle breakfast, lunch, and dinner? In addition, can you take the orders for the small gathering or office get together? Because your mode of operation will depend on these decisions.

Fix the menu carefully. Don’t try to be creative in this aspect. Keep it simple. Offer the food that people wants to have. Additionally, fix the pricing carefully.

Another important aspect is the area that you are going to cover. Because delivering the food to a long distant customer attract more costs for transportation than a nearby consumer. Clearly, mention the PIN codes that you can cover.

Additionally, you must operate your business from your website. For that, you can build a small eCommerce store. An eCommerce store allows your customers to put order, check the menu and pay the bills also. Nowadays, with the small capital investment, you can manage the business from your own online store.

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Promote Your Office Food Delivery Business

You must promote your business both in the offline and online. For an office food delivery business, it is best to meet your customers personally. Introduce your business and give them a product catalog containing menu list, price and contact details.

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You can also use leaflets and flyers. Additionally, outdoor advertising like billboards is effective options for advertising this business. Make your business available on the local directories. You can also promote the business on social media. Additionally, you can offer discounts for regular customers. Also, you can expand the radius of your operation to reach more customers in your office food delivery business.