Noodles Manufacturing Business Plan

Noodles are popular fast food and a value-added item having very good market demand all over the world. Noodles are a prominent fast food and are available in almost all countries around the world. China leads the demand followed by countries like India, United States, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Saudi Arabia, etc. The demand for noodles is mainly from urban areas where there are working couples, and people are relatively more hard pressed for time.

Fresh noodles are an extruded product made of tapioca flour and maida. They are long thread-like of 0.22 to 0.4 mm. thickness. This is an eatable food item under instant food products and very popular nowadays as a breakfast food. It is one of the most convenient foods available on the market.

Why Noodles Manufacturing

Noodles and chow mein, a ready-to-eat food item is very popular globally. The factors governing its demand are:

  • The increasing urban population
  • Increase in the purchasing capacity of the people.
  • The durability of the product.
  • Change in people’s eating habits especially in the younger generation.
  • Ready-to-eat product.
  • The convenience of preparation.

Machine for Noodles Manufacturing

You can opt for either a semi-automatic or an automatic machine depending on the affordability and availability of suppliers. Some of the basic equipment required are the following:

  1. Vertical type powder mixer 500 kgs. cap with motor complete
  2. Dough mixer blade type
  3. Noodles making power operated machine with different size die-heads
  4. Water boiler-fuel heated
  5. Several wooden trays

You also need to procure raw materials for making noodles. Some of the basic ingredients required are wheat flour, sugar, salt, starch, vegetable oils, the essence of flavors as required.

How Much Space Required to Start Noodle Making Business?

You don’t need much space to start making noodles. An area in the range of 600 Sq. ft to 800 Sq. ft is expected to be enough to start. If you have some extra space at your home, that also will do in the initial phase. In addition to this, the arrangement of electricity, smooth supply of water, storage area, parking space for vehicles need to be ensured around the unit location.