Noodles Manufacturing Business Plan

Noodles are popular fast food and a value added item having very good market demand in the country as well as in abroad. Noodles have a share of about 45% in terms of output and constitute the largest segment in the sector of the process food market.

Fresh noodles are an extruded product made of tapioca flour and maida. They are long thread-like of 0.22 to 0.4 mm. thickness. This is a eatable food item under instant food products and very popular now-a-days as break fast food. It is one of the most conventional foods available in the market.

The demand for noodles is mainly from urban areas where there are working couples, and people are relatively more hard pressed for time. According to a survey, the annual demand for ready to serve product is estimated at 4.30 lakhs tones. This works out to a per capita demand of 0.50 kg per year. At present there are a few local unit manufacturing noodles and bulk of the demand is being met by the leading brands like Maggi.

Why Noodles Manufacturing

Noodles and chowmein, a ready-to-eat food item is very popular globally. The factors governing its demand are:

  • Increasing population of the country.
  • Rapid industrialization in the country.
  • Increase in the purchasing capacity of the people.
  • Durability of the product.
  • Change in people’s eating habits especially in the younger generation.
  • Ready-to-eat product.
  • Convenience of preparation.

Machinery For Noodles Manufacturing:

  1. Vertical type powder mixer 500 kgs. cap with motor complete
  2. Dough mixer blade type
  3. Noodles making power operated machine with different size die-heads
  4. Water boiler-fuel heated
  5. Several wooden trays

Quality Specifications For Noodles Manufacturing:

The product must meet PFA specifications. However, BIS specification for Noodles is IS: 1485:1976.

Noodles Manufacturing Project Synopsis: 

Plant capacity: 150 TonT.C.I: Rupees 28 Lakhs
Plant & Machinery: Rupees 4.80 LakhReturn: 53.5%
Working capital: 7.25 Lakhs Break even: 39%

The actual cost of naphthalene balls manufacturing project may change on different assumptions. You can modify the project capacity and project cost as per your requirement.