Name Your Business | Step-By-Step Guidelines


Name your business with the word or words that people can relate to and understand. The name of your business has a tremendous impact on how customers and investors view you, and in today’s small world, it’s a worldwide decision. Your name should convey the expertise, values and uniqueness of the products and services you are offering. You can go for an abstract creative one but it should be informative and memorable. Crafting a niche and a mission statement will help you pinpoint the elements you want to emphasize in your business name. According to the experts, entrepreneurs should give priority to real words or combinations of words over fabricated words.

Things To Consider To Name Your Business

Choose a name that appeals not only to your business but also to the kind of customers you are trying to attract.

Choose a comfortable familiar name that conjures up pleasant memories so customers respond to your business from an emotional level.

Don’t pick a name that is long and confusing.

Stay away from cute one that only you understand.

Consider whether your business is B2B or B2C.

Don’t use the words like Pvt. Ltd. Or Ltd. unless your company is actually incorporated.

Use Tools To Name Your Business

During your brainstorming phase, use some of the tools that are available to get inspired. Here are few online tools to try out

Go For Expert Help To Name Your Business

You may consider consulting an expert, especially when you are in a field in which your company name may influence the success of your business. When a professional naming firm develop a name it generally includes other identity work and graphic design as a part of the package.

Embrace Your Creativity To Name Your Business

When you want your name to be easy to pronounce and remember, don’t skip over the value of creating a name that is completely unique. Coined names are more meaningful than existing words and these are becoming more popular. You can also try to use new forms of spellings of existing words.

Check Your Name

When you have shortlisted four to five names that are perfect and expressive, you are ready for a trademark search and domain availability check. You may hire a trademark attorney to get the search report.

Finalization Of Name

You have worked hard and finally come up with two to three names that pass all your tests. You will go for final decision by considering the facts of initial criteria, best fits to your objectives and most perfectly describe your business.

Go for the trade mark registration to get its ownership legally secured and protected.

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