How to Start Mango Fruit Bar Processing

Do you want to Start Fruit Bar Processing Business? Find here a detailed guide on how to manufacture a mango fruit bar with process and equipment.

The technology developed in mango fruit bar processing, the recipe of the bars is studied in its Physico-Chemical properties, Nutritional facts, and Organoleptic properties. Mango bar can be prepared from green mango, ripe mango, and mango juice. The growth rate of mango fruits bar is 20 %. It can be predicted that few entrepreneurs may enter in this venture along with other food base product.

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Mango Fruit Bar Processing Guide

Formation of quality bars in terms of set & appearance, texture, color, appeal etc are
important criteria chosen for the developing of the nutrient fortified mango bar. In addition, the
fortification was based on the Recommended Daily Nutrient Allowances (RDA) of ICMR,
India. The new mango bar recipe was fortified with 5% Protein using – Soy Protein Isolate, Whey Protein & Pea Protein Concentrates

Weigh mango pulp → Prepare sugar syrup  → Prepared sugar syrup mix with mango pulp → Prepare whey protein slurry using water → Prepared whey protein slurry mix with mango pulp blend  → Mix it with electrical mixer → Prepared mango pulp blend spread on stainless steel trays  → Load in dryer  → Second load second layer on the first layer.

Of the three protein sources, soy protein enriched mango bar contained 5.2% protein. But texturally the quality was poor. The protein content was low in whey protein used bar. But the texture of the whey protein used bar was very good.
Mango fruit bar processing fortified with Calcium fumarate had maximum (589mg%) calcium content followed by calcium carbonate (462mg%) and calcium phosphate (458mg%). Least was seen in citrate (364mg%) added mango bar.
The vitamin C fortified mango bar has retained maximum Vitamin content (206mg %).

As per Food Standards & FDA (USA), Fruit bars should not have odd flavors or off flavors
but must possess flavor typical of its kind. In mango fruit bar processing you should be careful about its color. Fruit bar texture shall be soft, not dry or hard without any foreign materials.

List of Machinery Required

A minimum space of 500 Sq. meter is required to start a small scale fruit bar manufacturing unit. Ensure a proper supply of water source near the factory.

The main machinery required are Baby Pulper, Fruit mill, Preparation Table, SS Trays, set of Knives etc. Raw material mixing and boiling section consisting of Holding Tank, Homogenizer, Steam-jacketed kettles, pump etc. Tray dryers, Weighing scale, Toffee drawing and cutting machine, Cooling conveyor, Wrapping /Packing machine, Boiler, Trays, Preparation Tables, Trolley, electrical, Laboratory equipment.