Iodized Salt Manufacturing Project Business Plan

The manufacturing process of an iodized salt manufacturing project is not very complex. Iodized salt is ordinary common salt treated with potassium iodate 50 to induce right quantity of Iodine in the diet to enhance the iodine deficiency in the people across our country. Salt was the name originally given to the residue left by evaporation of sea water. Iodizing salt for human consumption is a modern trend. Iodine is used in the body formation of thyroxine an essential hormone.

Salt is used as a medium in supply iodine to the body. Many important industrial chemical processes are based on sodium chloride. Iodized salt contains 25 ppm of Potassium Iodate (KIO3), which is equivalent to 3.0025%. Iodized salt is more stable in moisture absorbing characteristics in open atmosphere. The stability of this kind of salt depends upon various factors like moisture content, polarized light, impurities like ferric chloride & Magnesium Sulphate.

Iodized Salt Manufacturing Project Market Potential:

At present there are 18 iodization plants, among the 4 plants are following dry mixing type process and 14 plants are using wet spray process. The demand of iodized salt is more than 60 Lac tons per year as per the Ministry of Health survey. To meet this requirement, more production capacities are required. The bulk of the common salt produced in India goes for human consumption.Only to some extent salt is Iodized and that is not sufficient to meet the demand of iodized salt. A good and stable market exist for this product.

Machinery For Iodized Salt Project:

  • Roll Crusher size 75 x 30 cm with SS hopper
  • Belt conveyor: 3 roll type 450mm width & 6.8 meters length.
  • Spraying chamber (SS) for Potassium iodate solution.
  • Mixing Screw Conveyor, 3 meters long
  • SS Storage tank (100 ltrs) for potassium iodate solution.
  • Air Compressor, Capacity 26 c.f.m

Iodized Salt Project Manufacturing Process:

  • The Raw Salt is fed to conical shaped hopper and is crushed with a High carbon steel Roll crusher to the size of 2-3 mm.
  • This salt is conveyed through an inclined conveyor to discharge point at the ground.
  • The 0.1% aqueous solution of potassium iodate is sprayed over a mixing bed of salt of thickness 10-15cm, by air pressure.
  • This salt in mixed in a horizontal mixer for uniform mixing of Iodine.
  • This salt is bagged from the hopper in fixed amount. Alternatively, it can be packed in one Kg poly pack for direct sales.

Iodized Salt Project Synopsis: 

Plant capacity: 20 Tons/DayPlant & machinery: Rupees 36 Lakhs
Working capital: Rupees 24 LakhsT.C.I: Rupees 91 Lakhs
Return: 61.19%Break-even: 45.87%

The actual cost of the iodized salt manufacturing project may change for different assumptions. You can modify the project capacity and project cost as per your requirement.