How To Get SSI Registration In India – Guide

In India SSI registration is not uniform.It varies from state to state.However following three steps are mostly common in obtaining  SSI registration for any states be it Maharashtra or West Bengal.

Eligibility Criteria for SSI Registration

Manufacturing units and service providing enterprises can apply for registration.

Criteria of Registration for Manufacturing Enterprises

Micro Enterprises: Investment of upto Rs.25 lakhs in plant and machinery

Small Enterprises: Investment of upto Rs.5 crores in plant and machinery

Medium Enterprises: Investment of upto Rs.10 crores in plant and machinery

Criteria of Registration for Service Providing Enterprises

Micro Enterprises: Investment of upto Rs.10 lakhs in equipment

Small Enterprises: Investment of upto Rs.2 crores in equipment

Medium Enterprises: Investment of upto Rs.5 crores in equipment


#1. Obtaining provisional SSI Registration:

One can apply for Provisional SSI registration  at any time.For this industrial license is not required. Once an application is made for Provisional SSI registration, the provisional registration is granted without any field enquiry . The validity of Provisional SSI registrations are  for five years .However if the entrepreneur is unable to set up the unit in this period, a fresh application for provisional registration need to be applied aftert the end of five years period.

To obtain SSI registration the business must first apply for Provisional SSI Registration Certificate (PRC).

The provisional registration certificate  helps  the business in obtaining facilities for term loans,working capital loan,accommodation, land, other approvals etc. and obtain various necessary NOCs and clearances from regulatory bodies such as Pollution Control Board, Labour Regulations, etc

#2. Commencement of Business:

The provisional registration is sufficient enough to start your business activity

3. Obtaining Permanent SSI Registration :

After your business becomes operation,you can apply for permanent SSI Registration. Some of the benefits of having permanent registration number are the following:

1. Procurement of  raw material depending on existing policy

2.Incentives  in power tariffs.

3. Income and sales tax exemption if any as per state policy.

4.Price and purchase preference for goods produced.

Where to Obtain  SSI Registration in India

Online SSI Registration can be obtained through in many of the states. can help you obtain MSME registration in mostly 10 to 20 days, subject to State Government processing time.