Honey Processing | Small Business Project

With a low start-up, capital investment one can establish honey processing plant to facilitate the production of high-quality honey. In India, there is a growing awareness of the nutritional, medicinal and industrial uses of honey. Consequently, demand for pure and good quality honey is increasing. In view of this, a trend is fast developing to install honey-processing plants by entrepreneurs as well as public institutions.

Honey being a biological substance and intended for food & pharmaceutical use, honey processing needs greater attention in quality and its handling. The moisture content in honey plays an important role in deciding the quality of honey. Honey with more than 20% moisture is thinner in consistency. The moisture content in honey increases due to hygroscopic nature of honey in which the surrounding atmospheric moisture is absorbed by honey. If the moisture content is more than 20% the honey is liable to spoilage due to fermentation & granulation.

Considering the present practice of collection, storage & handling of honey under uncontrolled conditions including climatic factors the honey needs processing, reduction of moisture & packing by utmost care to protect the valuable natural properties.

The demand for honey is increasing day by day. the key target market for honey is Ayurvedic industry, food processing industry, exports, and domestic retail market.

Commercial Honey Processing:

This method is used to extract honey from combs without the destroying of the combs. It uses especially where honey has been produced using the Langstroth hives. Some extractors can be used to with combs from the KTBH and even from the log hives.

Honey Processing Project Synopsis: 

Plant Capacity: 100 kg per dayWorking Capital: Rupees 8 lakhs
Plant & Machinery: Rupees 42000Return: 16.44%
Total Capital Investment: Rupees 20 lakhs
  • The actual cost of the project may deviate from a change of any of the assumptions.
  • We can modify the project capacity and project cost as per your requirement.