Candy Making Business – Home-Based Small Business Idea

Candy making business idea is a fantastic way to turn your hobby and skill into a profitable home based business model. Homemade candies are very easier to make and also quite popular. From chocolates to lollipops, children and mature adults enjoy indulging in candy. It’s a wonderful idea you may consider to convert your hobby to a profitable, home-based candy making business. The market for specialty candy is big and growing globally.

Skills For Candy Making

Take a candy making class. If you want to make candy, you can always learn tips and ideas from training workshops organized by experts. You will need to develop your unique candy recipe also. Some popular candy recopies are butterscotch candy, cinnamon candy, white chocolate candy, maple candy, dark chocolate candy etc. There are several sites that provide classes. You can try 

Research & Plan For Candy Making

Research the candy industry to evaluate trends and the potential of the industry. Identify who is selling specialty candy in your area, and what exactly they are offering.  It will also help you to determine the varieties of candy you’d like to sell and to get success in your candy making business. In starting candy making, market study will also give you confidence whether your business us feasible or not.

Craft a detail business plan of your home based candy making business. Decide on what are the types of specialty candy you will be making? Chalk out a plan on how you will compete  with the other market leaders. Determine your marketing and selling strategy. Who will be your target niche? Concentrate on financial plan. Calculate your startup budget. The major two capital investments are the raw material with packaging and promotional expenses.

Compliance For Candy Making Business

Craft a catchy memorable name of your candy. Secure the brand name by registering ‘Trade Mark’. Business permission differs area wise. In India, you will need to register your business with ROC. You will need to obtain a trade license from your local authority. As you are handling food products check with an attorney what license you need from food safety authority. In India, you will need to obtain permission from FSSAI (Food Safety And Standards Authority Of India). Candy making business also attracts sales tax. Obtain your sales tax registration from the state.

Determine Your Space For Candy Making

In starting candy making business from home, it is important toa  determine a specific space for it. You will need to have space for keeping raw materials including packaging materials, for cooking and making candies and space for finished products ready for despatch. Also, you will need to have at least a table space for maintaining accounts, orders, bills etc.

Supplies For Candy Making

Invest in the proper supplies. You will need to have a candy thermometer as well as other candy making moulds. For procuring raw materials like sugar, fragrance etc you can go for a local wholesale market. Most important is a presentation that is the part of the allure of your candy. You need to concentrate on wrapping boxes and other packing materials to give it a great eye catching look.

Promote Your Candy Making Business

Attend functions like any fair where you can sell the candy. You can go for establishing your own candy shop or you can keep your product in the local gift, craft or chocolate shop as consignment basis. Get creative when it comes to make specialty candies for the birthdays, weddings or for special events order. The more unique your candies are the more inclined people will be to buy them.


Establishing your own candy brand will definitely help you in building business. You can also build a wide distribution channel. Go for an informative website detailing your product range. You may also consider a mail order business for your home made candy. Register your product with online market place like Ebay, Flipkart.