Herbal Hair Oil Manufacturing Project Business Plan

Herbal hair oil (Ayurvedic) is gaining an immense prominence in modern times. It is exhibiting its versatility owing to its embalming effect in alleviating headache and cause a soothing effect. This hair oil mainly comprises of oils of vegetables in origin as a base and a blended perfume.

The contents used in the preparation of this oil are extracts of bahera, amla, hartago, lawanga, chandan, kewara, jatamansi along with kapur, pudina satta and til oil. The great versatility of herbal hair oil like banphool oil is being realized enormously owing to its basic ayurvedic characteristics. The demand of the product surpasses its production.

Herbal Hair Oil Market Potential

Hair oil is a most common commodity used everywhere. The demand of perfume based herbal oil is visible from the rural area to cosmopolitan cities. The ladies used it for both its functional purpose as well as a beauty care commodity. The demand is increasing at par with the awareness of hair care, advertisement messages in different media, satellite TV channels and enhancement of purchasing power of the individuals. At the same time, herbal Hair oil is having export worthiness too. The Indian market for hair care is estimated more than Rs.1000 crores and herbal hair oil is an important part of it.

The quality of Herbal Hair Oil depends upon the market requirement only. There is no separate Indian Standard for manufacturing of Herbal Hair Oil. Entrepreneurs are suggested to contact drug controller in this matter and also advised to appoint an approved/ qualified chemist for regular testing & quality control.

There is an imperative need for the installation of many new units to come up in the field to bridge the colossal demand supply gap. New entrepreneurs can confidently venture into the production.

Project Synopsis:

Plant Capacity: 60000 lit                                           Plant & Machinery: 11 Lakhs

Total Capital Investment: 27 Lakhs                     Return: 66.3%

Break Even: 35%

The actual cost of herbal hair oil manufacturing project may change deviate on different assumptions. You can modify the project capacity and project cost as per your requirement.