30 Most Profitable New Food Business Ideas

Food is an essential consumable item. Many aspiring entrepreneurs nowadays are seriously searching for profitable and trending food business ideas to start a new venture. It probably to initiate his/her own business or they are looking for a part-time opportunity apart from their present job. Yes, it is not that easy in entering a business.

Finding and selecting right business is the first and most important step for any venture initiative. Increasing population and demand for having food at convenient are the factors that create more opportunities in the food industry.

Making money from food business requires the knowledge about issues associated with food safety and safe food handling practices that are relevant to your business. Here I have compiled 30 most profitable and trending food business ideas which I believe will help those entrepreneurs in deciding their preferred business to start with.

List of 30 New Food Business Ideas

#1. Bakery

a bakery business can be initiated in two ways. You can either establish a bakery with a retail location and selling fresh baked items from your store. Or you can establish a large scale bakery unit and selling product through the retailers. A bakery is one of the proven and most profitable food business ideas that can be initiated with proper planning.

#2. Brewpub

Brewpub business opportunity demands adequate knowledge and years of experience about microbreweries. Basically, the business is a restaurant and microbrewery combination that normally offers craft beer with different customized tastes and flavors to their clients on-premise.  Studies have shown that drinking beer in different customized taste is a trend of today’s phenomena. Read More…

#3. Buffet Restaurant 

Buffet only restaurant is one of the most trending food business ideas. People always love to have the meal according to their own choice and enjoy selecting from many options. Right location and proper marketing strategy are important in starting buffet restaurant.

#4. Cake Shop

Basically, starting a cake shop is a lucrative food retail business. The business is easy to start and manage. Additionally, the cake retailing business is perfect for women entrepreneurs. Any individual can start this business by taking a minimum risk (finance). Read More…

#5. Candy Making

Candy making business idea is a fantastic way to turn your hobby and skill into a profitable home based business model.   Homemade candies are very easier to make and also quite popular. From chocolates to lollipops, children and mature adults enjoy indulging in candy. It’s a wonderful idea you may consider to convert your hobby to a profitable, home-based candy making business. Read More…

#6. Catering Service

Catering service is a popular business in the food industry. For every small and big gathering and get together people always looking for catering service. Apart from that, you will get business through event planners also. With moderate capital investment and proper planning, any individual can initiate catering service of his/her own. Read More…

#7. Coffee Shop

Over the past decade, coffee shop industry is increasing rapidly. An entrepreneur passionate and talented about coffee can initiate coffee shop business with substantial capital investment. The coffee shop actually treated as a third place outside of work and home to relax. Coffee shop business is one of the best ways to turn your love for coffee into a profit-making business. Read More…

#8. Cookie Gift Business

If you are passionate about making and baking cookies, you can initiate a cookie gift business as a home-based or commercial. As a whole gift industry is booming and the demand increases on festive seasons. This is a self-rewarding and profitable business any individual can initiate with a creative mind.

#9. Cooking Classes

If you love to cook and enjoy crafting new tasty food recipes then you should consider starting a cooking classes business. This business can be initiated as a home-based with small startup capital. You can have business tie-ups with retail stores that sell fresh foods.

#10. Dessert Shop

Dessert shop is a very popular and profitable business from early days. This business approach is simple and straightforward. Simply you will need to have a store location. Keep different items like cake, pastry, cookies, ice cream, pies and any item that suit the locality food habits.

#11. Food Processing

Food processing business includes a vast activity of inventory management, processing, packaging, marketing, and distribution. Jam, jelly, squash, chatni, pickles, sauce, ketchup are the popular product you can produce. You can initiate the business on a small scale with limited and selected production target. As your business grows, you can expand with different product variety.

#12. Food Truck

The mobile food truck business opportunity in nature is different from a normal restaurant in two major ways. One is you are moving and you don’t have a retail location. Second is you are going to the customers. A person having minimum experience in food service industry can initiate this venture in the city area. From food truck, you can sell frozen and packaged items like ice cream, soft drinks, sweets, and snacks or you can go for cooked items with a specific menu including for breakfast, Tiffin, lunch. Read More…

#13. Frozen Yogurt Store

Frozen yogurt store is a profitable business that can be started with small capital investment also. Selecting the right location and value-added products are the most crucial issues in getting success in frozen yogurt store.

#14. Ginger Garlic Paste Making

Basically, ginger garlic paste is ready to cook the item. It comes under the FMCG segment. The shelf life is higher when stored in the refrigerator. Actually, ginger and garlic are two important spice for cooking many foods including non-veg items. Nowadays, the product has huge popularity throughout the globe. Read More…

#15. Homemade Cookie Making

The online homemade cookie making business eliminates the cost of renting a brick & mortar store. Additionally, you can start this business either of your own or with having one or two employees. As you are selling the cookies from your online store, you can attract a wide range of consumers. Additionally, an online operation allows you to promote your business online in numerous ways. Read More…

#16. Hookah Bar Lounge

Profitable Hookah Bar Lounge Business opportunity demands to learn the operational aspects related to the business. A truly passionate entrepreneur can initiate hookah bar lounge business with strategic planning and substantial capital investment. Read More…

#17. Ice Cream Stand

For a metro city starting ice cream stand or kiosk is a very profitable idea to generate a handsome income. You can also run this business as a seasonal and part-time basis. A mobile ice cream stand is more profitable than a fixed location comparing the ROI.

#18. Jam Jelly Making

Actually, jam and jelly are the most important food items in the food processing and FMCG industry. The products come under the preserves category. The manufacturing process is simple. Additionally, you can expand the business in several ways including area expansion or initiating new product line. Read More…

#19. Juice Bar

The juice bar is one the most popular food business ideas from early days. You can also keep synthetic juice with fresh juice. Fresh juice bar can be initiated with low startup capital. Location plays here an important role in getting success. Read More…

#20. Nutrition Coach

Increasing awareness about health among the people creates a demand for the nutritionist. As a nutritionist the main service you will be rendering that is, helping them as diet coach to live longer with a healthy health. This business can be initiated as a home based and part time also.

#21. Online Grocery Store

The online grocery store is one of the most profitable food business ideas one can initiate with proper strategy making and substantial capital investment. Huge media promotion is needed. Crafting the right business model is important.

#22. Organic Food Store

In starting an organic food store business most important consideration is the store location. As any other retail business, right location is the main parameter to get success in the business. With the increasing awareness of healthy living, people are more interested in taking organic food though they are more expensive than non-organic food. The retail organic food market is an emerging trend and it is growing by 20% every year. Read More…

#23. Packaged Drinking Water

As the quality of normal water is decreasing very fast, people become heavily dependent on packaged drinking water. Now drinking packaged water is not a luxury, but essential. Packaged drinking water is one of the most profitable food business ideas one can initiate with substantial capital investment.

#24. Papad Making

Papad making business is very profitable in food industry considering the investment of low start-up capital. Basically, papad is often served as an appetizer. Generally, people consume it in all parts of India. It’s a thin wafer-like product. A variety of pulses and proportion of pulses and spices varies from region to region depending upon preferences of local people whereas certain varieties are popular on a larger scale. Read More…

#25. Personal Chef 

Having experience and knowledge about the chef, any individual can initiate this business from right from his/her home location. Many celebrities and health cautious people generally like to keep personal chef to have daily basis healthy and hygienic food. If you enjoy to become a personal chef and working for a celebrity you may initiate this business.

#26. Pizza Delivery

The main focus area of pizza delivery business is choosing a right delivery boy and selecting the menu. A lot of the people will likely to have meals in their doorsteps due to their ultra busy work schedule. Pizza is now a well known, favorite, tasty dish all over the world. And starting a pizza delivery business can be a popular and enjoying way of profit-making. Read More…

#27. Restaurant

Currently, restaurant is the most profitable business in the food retail segment. Depending on your investment capacity, you can open a restaurant in any size. In this business, selecting the menu and tariff are the most crucial aspects that you must consider carefully.

#28. Sea Food Selling

Initiating a speciality seafood selling business is a wonderful and profitable business one can start from home location. You will need to source the products as wholesale purchase and store them in frozen condition. Through a delivery vehicle, you can make the delivery at customer’s doorstep. Proper product promotion plan is required in this business.

#29. Speciality Cake Making

Speciality cake making is one of the most profitable food business ideas one can initiate from his/her home as the part-time basis also. You may focus a specific niche with some specific products like the wedding cake, birthday cake etc.

#30. Tea Bag Making

Tea bag making business requires only tow major raw material component – tea and paper bags. A tea bag is a small, porous sealed bag containing tea leaves and it used a hot cup of water to prepare the beverages called tea. An aspiring entrepreneur having adequate knowledge about tea leaves can start tea bag making business with moderate capital investment. Read More…