Feature News Agency – An Excellent Small Business to Start for Journalists

If you have an interest in writing or reading, starting his or her own feature agency business is a good option. To start a feature news agency one needs just a computer and a telephone connection.  Internet connection, fax machine, and a good library will add good backup for your business. Also, you will have to subscribe to some good magazines and newspapers regularly.

 Almost all newspapers and magazines require articles to fill up their pages. A feature agency is an evergreen business. Current and specific information and features on a special subject are always in demand.

As a News Agency, you can offer a daily fare of news and features and importantly columns by top experts on various topics on politics, business, economics, etc It also reports major developments in India and its various States as also about international relations.

How Feature News Agency Makes Money:

Most of the feature agencies buy articles, stories, and features from various writers on a contract basis. They sell those articles to the newspapers and magazines and then pay to the writer, saving their part. Normally, the feature agencies pay a part of the fees to their authors and earn a good profit.

To establish a good feature agency you will have to network hard in the beginning for developing a good rapport with the editors of the magazines and newspapers. Most of the magazine houses prefer to have features or articles in computer floppy as that way they need not get it composed and quickly utilize them.