Exercise NoteBook Manufacturing Project Business Plan

An entrepreneur can initiate exercise notebook manufacturing business with moderate capital investment.  Exercise book manufacturing with creative colorful covers and glossy lamination give the product an attractive look. You may design the covers at your unit or you can outsource it a raw material.

The exercise notebook manufacturing process is not complex and does not attract major license or permit issues. it is advisable before starting the business have a business feasibility report and calculate the start-up budget. These will help you in sourcing fund and in calculating expected return on investment.

The most attractive part of this business is you can produce several different types of exercise books like notebooks, register, diary, ledger book, address books, etc from the same small-scale infrastructure.

Here are Few Steps to Follow in Starting Exercise NoteBook Manufacturing Business

Demand and Market Opportunity of Exercise Book Manufacturing

There is an increasing demand for exercise books as stationery items in view of rapid growth in institutions and offices worldwide. You can generate substantial retail sales by establishing distributor network. This product also has a very good opportunity for institutional sales.

The biggest institutional market for exercise notebooks is the local schools and smaller schools. In addition to this, develop a distributor network and market your products through retailers.

You are advised to do market research and understand the buying trends of the customers of your local market.

Machinery for Exercise Book Manufacturing

Exercise books manufacturing belongs to the paper converting industry. The most appropriate technology used for the production of these items is called flexographic printing.

The flexographic manufacturing process involves the following operations.

• The unwinding of the paper reel

• Flexographic printing (printing/ruling with two or more colors)

• Cross-cutting with overlapping

• Sheet collecting and counting

• Cover feeding either for pre-printed-or for flexographic printing

• Wire stitching and folding

• Cutting of long edges & trimming

• Packing

Exercise notebook manufacturing can be initiated in two ways; semi-automatic and fully-automatic. To establish a semi-automatic exercise book manufacturing project required machinery are Disc ruling machine, Paper cutting machine, Power operated-Book stitching machine, Book pressing machine, Bookbinding machine, etc.

An On-site training program on exercise book manufacturing can be arranged for key production, maintenance, and quality control/design personnel in consultation with the machinery and technology supplier.

Make your Exercise Notebook Manufacturing Business Legal

Decide on a business structure under which you are going to run the business. Additionally, contact the local concerned authorities about the licenses and permits required to make and sell this kind of products

Arrange Finance

If you need finance for your notebook manufacturing project, your business plan will come in handy. If you are unable to get fund from banks, try alternate lenders.

Market your Exercise Notebook Manufacturing Products.

You must have a well thought out marketing plan in promoting your company brand. try to create a website and promote it in social media platforms. Chalk out promotional plans and promote it to distributors and retailers.