How to Start Drinking Straw Making Manufacturing Business

The demand for drinking straw remains throughout the year. For a small business owner domestic demand of the produced is extremely critical. We find Small Business Machines-Drinking Straw Making Small Project worthy of considering as because the project is low cost to start with and there is a constant demand of the product irrespective of seasons.One can treat this business as home based too.

 Market Potential of Drinking Straw:

Plastic Straws are used for drinking purposes like soft drinks, fruit juice, lassi, cold coffee etc.

In India, statistics reveal soft drink industry alone is of Rs 50 billion and growing by 6-7% annually. One can easily estimate the probable market size of drinking straw industry.

Basic Machinery Required:

1. Plastic Straw Making Machine.

2. Plastic beads.

3. Cutting Machine.

Basic Manufacturing Process:

Step#1. Buy plastic beads from the market.

Step#2. Pour the plastic beads in the hopper of the machine and start the machine. Plastic Straws will get manufactured automatically.

Step#3. Cut the straws with Cutting Machine in required sizes.

This kind of machines normally operates with 4 hp motor and 440 volts.