20+ Top Creative Small Business Ideas With Low Investment

Are you looking for best creative small business ideas with low investment? Are you looking to earn a decent income in exchange for your creativity?

Here is a list of top 20 plus creative small business ideas you can start from your home with no or low investment.

20+ Top Creative Small Business Ideas – Big List

1. Customized Airbrushing

Airbrushing is a unique artistic skill. If you don’t have this skill but have an artistic mind you can learn it from a skilled artist. Once you become an expert at airbrushing, you could easily make a decent earning. Depending on the quality of your work, you can charge for your customized airbrush artwork which can easily range from $50 to $100 an hour.

Learning Resources: Airbrush course for beginners: So you learn right airbrush. Everything a beginner needs to know. A step by step guide.

2. Mobile Apps

If you have expertise in developing software applications, developing a mobile app is the sector you must seriously look into. Mobile application industry sector is projected to be multi-billion dollar business in coming days.

3. 3D Printing

3D printing can create things that are impossible to create with traditional manufacturing. One of the great things about 3D printing is that you don’t have to order 1,000 units of an item to make it affordable for customers and put it on the market. You can start producing and selling as of a single print. So, turn this to your advantage and offer a product that matches your customer’s needs. Come up with an idea that is unique, customizable … and fits demand perfectly! Entrepreneurs having a creative bend of mind must seriously consider in exploring this business opportunity.

4. Local Art Supplies Gallery and Store

If you are passionate at art-related activities, you can start an art gallery cum supplies store promoting works of local artists.

5. Home Repair Services

Home Repairing is always a headache for house owners. More so for working couples finding time to hire proper technicians. The market is largely unorganized to date.  You need to provide customers with home repair service experience taking away their headache.

As a home repairing service company, you can provide services in plumbing, carpentry, electrical and electronics, etc. To grow your business you need to create a website where a customer can book their inquiries online.

6. Exercise Classes for Pregnant Women

The changes of pregnancy can leave many women at a loss for safe and effective exercise routines. You can conduct yoga sessions, specialized ballet class, etc that caters to moms-to-be with a prenatal workout that will serve both body and spirit.

7. Glass Etching

Glass etching business is an artistic and profit making business idea that can be initiated from home location. An entrepreneur has a creative mind, passionate about glass etching, can start this business with small capital investment. Read More

8. Prop Stylist

Ever wonder what makes everyday items look so spectacular in magazines and catalogs? From food to formal wear, a prop stylist job to make even the most mundane objects look like they were destined for the camera.

9. Wooden USB Drive

Wooden USB drive is an innovative product now. It is also considered as a gift item. Crafting process is also simple. You can start this business at home.

10. Cupcakes Production

Cupcakes have become massively popular nowadays. But instead of the frilly pink confections, Butch Bakery creates aesthetically masculine cupcakes made with beer, bacon and other manly ingredients that cater to men.

11. Rent Maternity Wear

Maternity is an exciting but temporary moment. During this period, some pregnant moms don’t want to invest good money in buying a new wardrobe, particularly formal wear or gowns to wear during pregnancy.

12. Data analytics

With over 90% of all the information on the internet being created in the last few years, there is big business in big data. Gathering information from data is valuable to all businesses as it allows them to see trends and gather customer information.

13. Ebook publishing Consultant

There are many authors out there who spend time writing their own books and guides from home but do not know what to do with them. An eBook publisher would help authors to get their books published in various online stores and increase their earnings. This would be a service worth paying for, for many authors who look to make a profit and distribute their books.

You could start by researching the best marketplaces to sell eBooks and what makes them sell.  Thereby you can help your clients by taking care of the distribution for them. You could also offer premium services such as cover design. Read More…

14. Niche job boards

Starting a niche job board is fairly easy to set up and could be run from home. It could take some more work to actually get employers posting jobs on your site but you could try contacting them directly.

15. Website backup service

Website security is becoming more important these days, with hackers targeting all sizes of websites looking for ways to make money and steal data. You could provide a backup service that takes website backups every few hours for users, ensuring that their data is secure. You could also target niches such as WordPress users and offer this service exclusively for them. Backups are value for all online businesses and are well worth paying for.

16. Car Parking App

One of the biggest problems for visitors coming into a city is to find a location of where to park. Car parks are usually hard to find and when you eventually do find them, many of them are full.This means you need to spend time looking for somewhere else to park and wasting valuable time. You could create a website or mobile application that tells users where their nearest car parks are and whether or not there are spaces available. Users would be willing to pay for this app as it adds value by saving them time and money when looking for somewhere to park for the day.

17. Social Photo Apps

This idea is one of the very popular creative small business ideas in modern days. There are plenty of new ideas that you could use for a social photo app such as games involving pictures. With Snapchat and Instagram currently dominating the private photo sharing trend, there is plenty of room for competition with an application that allows private sharing of photos.

18. Mug Business

A mug business is one of the most popular creative small business ideas worldwide. It involves selling original designs of mugs to customers directly or to other businesses. This neat idea gives you the opportunity to be creative and work from home. Designing and choosing original mugs is a unique way to make money and be artistic.

19. Renting out Baggage 
You could start a web-based business that allows people to reserve specific pieces of luggage for the dates that they plan to travel, for a reasonable fee. You can either deliver the luggage yourself, allow them to pay a delivery fee, or have a storefront location that allows your customers to pick up their rented luggage at a time convenient for them. You can charge an average of $20 per piece of luggage, per week.

20. Sell Your Voice 
Many businesses need a great voice for voice-overs, books on CD, television and radio advertising, customized answering machine tapes, and more. If you have a great voice that others find appealing or different in some way, this may be the ‘business idea’ for you!

These are the top trending creative small business ideas which require zero or very less investment to start. Find the one which suits you most and start earning right now.