Crafts Making Business | Made of Plaster of Paris

A person having a hobby of crafts making, creating home decoration items with plaster of paris would be an excellent crafts making business idea for him. Not only can this venture be started and run from a home based location, but this business is also very inexpensive to initiate. Creative home and office decoration products are always in high demand. Any crafts making business demands true passion and creative mind.

Crafts Making Business Process

Plaster of Paris is made by heating gypsum stone in a furnace. The powder is mixed in water into a paste like consistency and this paste can be moulded into any shape and size to make various designer articles. The paste is poured into moulds of different designs to make attractive articles.

Skills For Crafts Making Business

Making articles of plaster of paris is a skilled and artistic business. You will need to have training to get specialized for it. There are different kinds of article made from plaster of paris, such as sand casting, plaster casting with play dough molds, leaf casting, sculpture with the art and painting etc.

Supplies For Crafts Making Business

To start this crafts making business your main raw material is plaster of paris powder and different designer moulds. Chemical colour, brush, hooks, nails and different olourful beads are other crafts design item is also required for decoration. All can be easily procure from local wholesale specialized dealers or from online suppliers.

Safety Measures For Crafts Making Business

  • Plaster is very alkaline and exposure to high dust levels may irritate the skin, eyes, nose, throat, or upper respiratory tract. Wearing a dust mask, eye protection, and rubber gloves when mixing plaster reduces the risk.
  • Contact lenses should be avoided when working with plaster.
  • Plaster generates a lot of heat when setting – plaster should not be used for making casts of body parts.
  • Plaster should be kept away from children and pets.

Crafts Making Business Market Potential

Lot of artistically carved decorative articles and statues are made from plaster of paris are in demand throughout the year. The demand for Plaster of Paris products are continuously growing with the growth of construction industry globally. These products are generally sold as home and office décor item. Crafts making business has also a big market in hotel industry. False ceiling for dining halls, houses, hotels new building can also be made from this sculpture.

Promote Your Crafts Making Business

  • You can start promotion of your crafts making business by displaying your products in gift stores and crafts fair.
  • You can also propose potential corporate clients for their company’s customized gifts requirement.
  • Also have a contact with local interior designer professionals.
  • Emphasizing on excellent services to the customers such as standardized products and timely order fulfillment is important.
  • You can establish your own crafts retail store.
  • Providing latest designs of plaster of Paris items & if possible providing customized designs as per customer requirements will definitely help you in increasing sales.
  • Use fine quality Plaster of Paris Powder and other required items to get superior quality end product.
  • Set up a descent website with the product images to establish an online presence for your business.
  • You can sell your product from online marketplace like ebay, Flipkart etc.
  • Another effective way for advertising your business is via chat rooms, social networking sites, and blogs etc. and also you can go for a business membership in a craft association like