Clixsense Review – Make Money Online From Anywhere

Clixsense was officially launched in February 2007. Mr. Steven Grisky was the owner of Clixsense at that time. On May 2010, it was sold to Mr. Jim Grago. Mr. Grago still owns Clixsense.

ClixSense is actually a GPT (get-paid-to) website. It provides a number of ways to earn rewards by taking surveys, completing tasks, shopping, playing games, and more. If you are searching for ways to make money online, you must include Clixsense as one of the options.

Clixsense – Easy Money to Make Money Online – Step by Step Guide

First thing first. Sign up  ClixSense from this link. You will receive a validation link from them at your registered Email box after sign up. Once you click the validation link, They will ask you to login to your account. Add some more details to your profile like address, secret question & payment method.

How to Earn Money from Clixsense

Following are the ways by which you can earn in ClixSense as explained one by one below:

#1. By Completing Surveys

You can click on the Surveys tab, check the available surveys and complete them to earn money. You will get paid $0.5 to $2 for completing a survey. There are many other sites where you can signup & earn by completing surveys.

#3. Completing tasks

You can earn by completing small tasks from Clixsense.  CrowdFlower, a crowdsourcing service provider, provide the tasks.

#4. Playing the Clixgrid games

You can also earn money by playing the ClixGrid games. You can earn up to $10 each time you play and win the game.

#5. ClixSense Research

Basically, is a separate site owned by ClixSense. You can earn by completing different surveys from this website.

#6. Completing Different Offers

You can earn by completing different types of offers. These offers are available from different types of websites.

How to Maximize your Income from Referral Marketing in Clixsense

But the main income opportunity is referral marketing. Here a member can earn money by referring the program to others. You can also increase your earning by taking a premium membership in ClixSense. Premium membership is not costly but you can double the earning as well as earnings from all your referral if you take a premium membership.

By referral marketing, a member can earn as follows –

Member Type       Sign-Up Commission (for each referral)

Free                          $0.05 (And 5% extra commission from their earnings)

Paid                          $0.10 (And 10% extra commission from their earnings)

The sign-up commission starts after your earning passed $10 (for a free membership) and $5 (for paid membership)

If you want to earn money by just clicking ads, completing tasks, then it will take a very long time. So, the best way to multiply income is to get a referral through your referral link.

How to Get Referrals for Clixsense:

The secret to getting referrals is to promote your referral link through Facebook and Google Plus.

Here are the methods:

  1. Create a Facebook account. If you don’t have already one. You can use more than one account (If you have).
  2. Join at last 100 money-making Facebook groups.
  3. Create a free Blogspot, WordPress blog as your marketing landing page.
  4. Write about the program details on your blog and keep a clear sign-up option over there.
  5. Make your marketing landing page attractive.
  6. Post the landing page in each different 100 Facebook groups daily with an exciting picture.
  7. Now join at last 50 Google+ money-making groups. And share your landing page in each group daily with a picture.
  8. You can also promote your referral link directly without a landing page. Here you just need to use some exciting pictures.

Join ClixSense from this link and apply the methods to make money!

Note: Don’t spam! Otherwise, Clixsense will Ban you. It’s better to share your landing page. If you are looking for passive income online your first choice must be Clixsense.