How to Start Chilly Powder Processing Manufacturing Business Project

Chilly powder processing project can be initiated as small scale basis with a setup of some simple machinery. Chilies are the dried ripe fruits of genus capsicum. These spices are also called red peppers of capsicums and constitute an important, well-known commercial crop used both as a condiment / culinary supplement and as a vegetable.

There is no doubt that India has immense potential to grow chilies. The world demand for the Indian chilies is also going up, India exports chilies to the USA, UK, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Sri Lanka and other Asian countries.

Chilly is grown in almost all state in India. Andhra Pradesh has the highest area under crop cultivation and produces the maximum followed by Karnataka, Maharashtra, Punjab, Rajasthan, West Bengal and a few other states. There is a good scope for chili powder unit. Any new entrepreneur can well venture in this field.

Market Potential Of Chilly Powder:

The domestic market for chilly powder processing is growing at a fast rate. A major quantity of production of chilly powder originates either in the home scale or cottage level units and is distributed all over the country. It is estimated that there are about 1500 such units in the country. According to available information, there are about 20-25 large companies producing packed spices are also engaged in exports. There are very few companies who have attained national market for their products. In the majority of the units, 50% of the product mix is contributed by coriander, turmeric, and chilly powder.

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Chilly Powder Processing Process:

1. The material enters the crushing room from a hopper and is cut into powder by the high-speed blades.
2. Standard-size spice powder passes through the screener and goes to cyclone separator by air blower and pipe.
3. At the cyclone separator, the dust is collected and spice powder is discharged.

Chilly Powder Processing Flow Chart:

Receiving raw material → Removing stone → Dry Washing → Seed separation → Drying → Crushing → Hold-up through vessel → Grinding → Screening & Classification → Removing iron → packaging

Chilly Powder Processing Project Cost:

Plant capacity: 550 Kgs/Day Plant & machinery: Rupees 2 Lakhs
Working capital: Rs. 27 Lakhs T.C.I: Rupees 43 Lakhs
Return: 34.89% Break-even: 56.74%
  • The actual cost of a project may deviate on change of any of the assumptions.
  • We can modify the project capacity and project cost as per your requirement.