Business Opportunities for Teachers – Innovative Ideas

If you are a teacher or enjoy teaching, there are lot of opportunities to earn money full time or part time. Here in this article, you will find top popular and innovative business opportunities for teachers listed. If you are in a teaching job, think of doing part-time activities to earn extra. Remember teaching profession gives you lot of extra free time compared to any other jobs. And the big holidays like summer vacations give you that more extra time to do money-making activities. Below are the top business opportunities for teachers to consider.

Business Opportunities for Teachers – Big List

#1. Tutoring – Business Opportunities for Teachers

Tutoring is the easiest and popular option among teachers to earn extra income.  Parents are always in search of good private tutors for their kids. You can also contact tutor agencies in search of students in your locality. If you have children at home or cannot find students to tutor in your local area, you can also tutor online. Sign up for an online tutoring service such as or They will connect you with students who need help in the areas you are qualified to teach.

#2. Music School – Business Opportunities for Teachers

Music school business is perfect for those who are passionate about music and wants to turn their love for music, into the profession. If you are music inclined, has specialization in some specific instrument or vocal performance and want to teach other, then the possibilities of making it successful venture is much higher. Read More Here

#3. Writer – Business Opportunities for Teachers

Teachers have more potential in writing than any other person of other professions. You can write an ebook on your specific area of interest. Additionally, you can then sell your book through online platforms such as Smashwords, CreateSpace or Lulu. You can also work as a freelance writer. The demand for freelance writers on the internet is in plenty.

#4. Create Educational Materials – Business Opportunities for Teachers

You can create and sell lesson plans, resource materials for teachers, study questions and quizzes.etc. The lot of educational websites, textbook publishers, and software designers tie up with teachers to have them design lesson plans, worksheets, and test questions review materials on their behalf. This work can often be done from your home and on a part-time basis.

#5. Craft Selling – Business Opportunities for Teachers

You can sell crochet-work, knitting or creative craft projects online using Etsy, Silkfair or another online shopping platform.

#6. Sell Educational Videos – Business Opportunities for Teachers

You can record educational videos of your own and sell. You can also promote educational videos created by others. This is a very profitable business you can start from your own backyard.

#7. Scrap Booking – Business Opportunities for Teachers

Creating and selling scrap books is a very popular business opportunities for teachers.

These are the popular business opportunities for teachers which lot of aspiring individuals earning considerable income. Find the business idea which suits you most and start earning right now.