Best 10 Business Ideas to Invest in Africa in 2017

Are you interested in doing business in Africa? Are you an investor looking for business ideas to invest money in profitable business ventures?

Explore the business opportunities listed in this article to start a business in Africa.

List of  Top 10 Business Ideas in Africa

#1. Farming

People in most African countries depend on farming for daily income.  You can produce Carrots, Onions, Leeks, Tomatoes, Spinach, cucumbers, Cabbages, Garlic, Pumpkins, Capsicums, Lettuce, potatoes, sweet potatoes, etc and sell to the local marketplace.

#2. Real Estate

Real Estate market is on the rise in Africa. The subcontinent has a huge housing problem in all its urban areas. Other than normal housing business activity ideas like cement blocks making, stabilized earth bricks making unit are some of the business ventures you can explore here.

#3. Home Food Processing

Fruit Juice Making, Sausage Making, Meat Grinding, Soymilk Making are some of the small business projects you can explore in Africa.

#4. Intellectual Property Services

As African economy grows more Multinational organization will start investing in Africa. Small companies are bound to grow to support these large corporates. There would be a requirement of IP providing companies to structure and protect intellectual properties.

#5. E-commerce  

E-commerce activities are in the growing phase in Africa.  The biggest problem in E-commerce transactions is online fraud. Any company successful in bringing trust in an online transaction will surely reap huge benefits as the market is very large.

#6. Energy

This part of the world desperately needs a huge supply of power for development. The main source for power generation in Africa is hydro-based.  If you have the capital investing in the energy sector is a potentially profitable option.

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#7. ICT Services

There is tremendous scope in building a business in the field of information and communication support. Most African companies are desperately looking for investors in this field.

#8. Logistics

Lack of large-scale dependable logistic provider is a big problem in most African countries. This creates a huge business opportunity for investors in investing in the logistic sector.

#9. Data Collection Services

Every big organization depends on authentic data before deciding for any activity. Unfortunately, there are few valuable and structured data sources available in Africa.

International community hires overseas consulting firm for data collection and spends a huge sum of money. This creates a huge business potential for African entrepreneurs having some expertise in data collection services.

#10.  ManPower Recruitment

Finding suitable manpower is a big problem for companies working in this subcontinent. At present, there are few qualified recruitment companies in most African countries. Starting a recruitment firm and providing manpower is a very big business opportunity in Africa right now.