How To Start Home Based Biscuit Making Business

Biscuit and cookies are the delicious foods. Additionally, a major portion of people still prefers freshly baked biscuits. If you have some space, you can start a home based biscuit making business. Here in this post, we put a detail step-by-step guide on how to start a home-based biscuit making business.

This business is very profitable and revenue wise a lucrative business. Additionally, a home-based operation eliminates the upfront cost of securing a place. Furthermore, the business doesn’t demand very large space for the operation.

Therefore, any individual passionate about baking can start this business full-time or part-time basis. Even this business is perfect for women, housewives, and moms. Additionally, if a student wants to earn some extra cash, he or she can start this business at home.

Biscuit Making Business Plan

In starting the business, do some market research. Identify what type of the products are most popular in your area. Because you must produce the biscuits and cookies according to the taste and preference of the local people.

Additionally, determine what type of biscuit you will produce. Accordingly, craft a financial plan of your business. You must include the equipment cost, raw material and ingredient cost, marketing cost etc.

Determine a marketing plan also. How you will going to promote your product. What demographics are your target audience? How will you be going to pack and deliver the product? Determine all these things carefully and craft a precise business plan.

Investment For Biscuit Making Business

You can start the home-based biscuit making business with a very small startup capital investment. Initially, you can use your existing kitchen and the equipment. However, you will need to invest money for buying some important equipment. Additionally, there are investments in procuring the raw materials and packaging consumables. Additionally, you will need to promote your product and it does cost.

Starting Home Based Biscuit Making Business | Step-by-step Guide

Registration & Tax Compliance

This is the first step for starting the business. When you are starting the business from home, a proprietorship organization is the best choice for you. Additionally, check the tax liabilities of this business in your zonal area.

Procure Equipment & Ingredients

Check what is the equipment you will need to but immediately. Generally, the biscuit making process demands the dough mixer, molder, cutter, baking oven, oil sprayer etc. Additionally, procure the raw materials. Do not stock the ingredients in a large quantity initially.

Biscuit & Cookies Making Process

The biscuit and cookies making process are very simple. First of all, mix the wheat flour along with other ingredients with water and prepare the dough.

Then keep it at a normal room temperature for about couple of hours to allow proper fermentation. Then place it in an oven for baking. After requisite baking, cool the biscuit and pack them.

The process flowchart is as under:

Making the dough by mixing the ingredients → Process of fermentation → Giving the shape → Baking the raw biscuit → Testing → Packaging.

Promote Your Products

Regardless the size of your business, you must promote your product. And basically, you can promote a home-based business with a small capital.

First of all, promote your business both offline and online. Word of mouth is the best option. Tell everyone you know (relatives, friends, neighbors) about your new venture.

Make your business available at the local online classifieds. Promote the new items on the social media. Create a website of your own. Even you can establish a small online store. Additionally, there are a lot of option for taking online payments from your clients.

Establish business tie-ups with the party planners or wedding planners. You can have recommendations from them.

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A biscuit and cookies making business are easy to start. However, you must have the true passion and dedication to get the long-term success in biscuit making business.