Belt Buckles Making | Profitable Small Business Idea

Belt buckles making business can be initiated from home location and as part time or full time basis. Many sports team, business houses and other professions often create their own customized belt buckles with other apparel items like T shirts, caps etc. Belt buckles also considered as fashion and life style accessories. The ideas are really endless when it comes personalized belt buckles making. There are really a huge scope to experiment with colour, shape and size. You can make belt buckle according to the existing design or you may suggest you client some new designs with different shape and colours.

Any individual having true passion about creating new design and pattern can initiate this business with strategic planning and moderate capital investment. Other than personalized belt buckles, there are also a large market for normal belt buckles also. Every belt manufacturers are in a demand of buckles manufacturers.

Belt Buckles Making Business Plan

Crafting a business plan is important in starting belt buckles making business. Do some market research prior. You need to determine what type of belt buckles you will be making initially. There different types of belt buckles are available in the market. Such as frame-style, plate-style, box-style etc. Who will be your target niche. What will be your marketing strategy and expenses. What will be your business objective and mission statement. In financial planning calculate your startup budget with raw material and equipment cost. If you are planning to start hiring manpower, then you need to calculate the same also. Calculate an expected revenue return. This will definitely give you the confidence about the business feasibility and will also help you in arranging finance.

Belt Buckles Making Equipment & Process

Normally you will need to have different moulds, small furnace, centrifugal casting machine, polishing machine and packing machine. Other than this you will need to have computer, printer and some software to make high resolution patterns and designs. These are normally required for metal belt buckles making.

For resin-embedded belt buckle you will need to have small disposable mixing containers, stir sticks, latex gloves, colour printer + paper, photo editing software and scissors

Machinery and equipment should be selected rightfully according to the desired product quality and quantity.

Metal Belt Buckles Making Process
  1. First step is pattern. After finalizing the design you need to take a design print out. Only high-resolution digital photos (2-3MB quality) can be used for this work.
  2. Need to create the master pattern based on the designer’s drawings.
  3. Then you need to go for silicon moulds.  On completion the silicon forms are separated and then dressed to become the mould for your belt buckles.
  4. The metals are melted down in a furnace. The mould is seated in a centrifugal casting machine. In a dressed mould a channel is cut into the surface of the mould.
  5. The raw casting needs to takeout from the mould.
  6. Final step is polishing and packing.

Promote Your Belt Buckles Making Business

First create your marketing tools like business cards, brochures, catalogue etc. Simply you can contact personally all the business corporations those have requirement of personalized belt buckles. Register your business with B2B online market places. Create your own detailed website with featuring attractive belt buckles designs. Ask your clients to give feedback. You can also establish business tie up with belt manufacturers to get clients.