Paper Envelope Making | Small Business Project

Paper envelopes are a daily necessity of life. The market is huge and ever growing. Automatic paper envelope making is considered as a small business manufacturing project. The return also is considerable. With a low start up capital investment, any entrepreneur may set up a Small Business and can be self-dependent by investing a small amount.

You can establish paper envelope making unit by two ways. One by fully automatic machines and other one is by manual or offline setup.  One machine can perform several or all of these operations on-line (in one continuous process), or a different machine can be used for each step (this is called off-line production).

A simple and economical way in which to initiate a paper envelope making business would be to invest in a machine designed for short runs of open side envelopes which will cut, fold, punch and patch a window, and gum the closing flap.

How to make envelope with Envelope Making Machine:

At first, you have to buy a roll of paper. You need to buy this from the local market  The price starts from Rs. 42 per kg.

You need to put the paper sheet in the indicated place of the machine. You may use dies of different size to make envelopes of different size. Now start the machine and the envelopes will be made automatically. With this machine, you can make 40 to 50 envelopes in a minute.

The machine needs 2 horsepower motor and 220 volts to operate.

Envelope Making Process:

  • Die Cutting which cuts paper into blanks,
  • Printing, which allows you to print on the inside and/or the outside of the envelope,
  • WindowPunching and Patching, which cuts and patches the window film,
  • Gumming and Sealing, which applies the glue on the edges of the blanks,
  • Folding, to fold the blanks into envelopes.

Price of the Automatic Paper Envelope Making Machine:

The price of the Automatic Envelope Making Machine is approximately Rs.1500, 000 and the price of Manual Envelope Making Machine is approximately Rs.70,000.