Acting School | Profitable Small Business Idea

Acting school business opportunity is perfect for those who are professional actor or related with the acting industry and realize the business potential of an acting school. Acting industry is increasing very fast worldwide. Different technology innovation and applications made the industry rich with quality productions and talented actors also. Initiating an acting school is obviously a management and cash intensive business. Here in this article I crafted some of the basis steps that need to be considered in starting  acting school business.

Know The Industry Before Starting An Acting School

Having adequate knowledge about the industry and current trend is must. Today is the era of digitization. Digital media is more effective and powerful than conventional acting opportunities. Apart from commercial film and television serial, the demand for documentary short films and business add films are also increasing. Advertising media has given an extra boost to the acting industry now-a-days. Get informed properly as much as possible. Also find out the competitors and how they are operating the business.

Acting School Business Plan

Crafting a detailed and comprehensive business plan is important in this business. You will need to determine business objectives, courses that you will be offering, marketing strategy, pricing, placement issues and resource planning. Pay attention on financial planning. Calculate startup budget with establishment, manpower and equipment cost. Craft a projected balance sheet with an expected revenue return. These simple tasks will help you in starting and operating the acting school; and also in arranging finance.

Acting School Legalities

According to your state law, you will need to register your business first. As per courses or curriculum that you are offering, you will need to take affiliations either from the recognized universities or from education board. Initiating acting school as an affiliate of any acting university will attract less formalities and investment than a full phrased acting school. You also might consider to purchase an acting school franchise. In that case, parent company will take care of your business operations procedures, certifications and brand promotion also.

Courses For Acting School

Apart from bachelor and degree courses acting schools offer generally two types of courses like basic and advance. Basic courses are modeled with acting, camera, performance studies, movement, speech, voice, improvisation etc.

In advance course students learn the acting scene study, movement exploration, embodied voice, speech accents and dialects, camera with lights and finally audition.

You can craft courses for business professionals also. Yes, an acting school is not only for aspiring actors but for individuals also who want to boost their self-confidence. More than that acting classes can help individuals since they become confident enough in job interviews and in the career they want.  People are also taught to learn the value of team work.

Acting School Setup

  • Selecting a right location is important in acting school initiative. Location nearby studios is preferred. Consult with an interior expert about the floor plan and interior decoration.
  • Equipment is a major part in establishing acting school. Keep technically upgraded equipment. Procure equipment and instruments from reliable and renowned companies. Check their after sales service feedback before placing final order.
  • Hire skilled experienced manpower for taking classes. Try to keep established actors and actresses who are successful in their acting career.
  • fix the pricing of your courses. If possible keep EMI facility for the students who pursue long term courses.

Promote Your Acting School

  • Publish advertisement in career and fashion magazines.
  • Prepare a media kit. And send it to the media houses for publications.
  • Do some outdoor brand promotion activity.
  • Develop your own website. Keep your website always updated with current programmes and recruitment information.
  • Use social media carefully in promoting your acting school.