How to Start Mobile Car Wash Business – Business Plan Checklist

Running a mobile car wash business is a smart way to make a lot of money without taking much risk of capital investment. The business also eliminates the requirement for a retail business location. Most of the busy people prefer to get their car washed in their places like parking, garage or home location. When your are providing a personalized car wash service at door steps, your clients will be satisfied and happily willing to pay more.

Research For Mobile Car Wash

To start a mobile car wash business you need lot of research on it. Knowledge is the very crucial factor In this business and you need to be always updated on every latest trend and technologies to acquire a better understanding about the industry.

Compliance For Mobile Car Wash

To start mobile car wash business in India you will need to have Trade License though it depends as per state’s regulations. To start with you can register your business as One Person Company in Ministry of Corporate Affairs in India.

Focus Location For Mobile Car Wash 

Set your goal to wash lot of cars in a few locations. You can concentrate clubs, gym, and parking area for business location. Overall you will likely to wash more cars by travelling less.

 Equipment For Mobile Car Wash

You will need to have right equipment and supplies to get success in this business. The things you need to purchase includes towels, car wash soap, car wax, tire shine, buckets, sponges, brushes, some pneumatic pressure washers, hose and a van. It is also advisable to have a portable gen set and water tank with your kit. Always keep yourself “ready to go” with supplies, at all the times with short notice.

Pricing For Mobile Car Wash Business

Determine the pricing according to the car size, condition and location of the car. You can also go for some combo offer. Create price list for different cleaning services like only exterior, exterior with interior, only internal ceiling clean etc. Offer a price that would be fair for the customers and profitable for you.

Promote Your Mobile Car Wash Business

It is important to be looked like a professional and trustworthy. Concentrate to create some sort of brand image. It is always better to present with a uniform while working and print the business name, contact no and website on the vehicle which you used to carry your equipment.

Promote you business locally by visiting high density office places and let people know about your service. Concentrate your marketing campaign on your immediate area. Make a informative website about your service. Give some video of car washing. You can also offer some discounts to regular customers.